On Trend: Emperor’s New Coat



Yup. It’s that time of the year where we have to face the facts and start talking about winter coats. So I’m doing something a little bit different today than your average On Trend Sunday post. We’re talking winter coats.

Ugggggh (one more time for good measure, you know).

It’s not all that bad, because while coats are not exactly “fun” to wear, they do come in pretty colors and fun patterns that help to make them a little bit more exciting to don every day. Oh, and they’re warm (duh, Katie), so that always helps me to like something a little bit more.

The way that I make it through the winter (besides wearing these fleece lined socks (here) and sitting in front of the fireplace) is by treating myself to a new winter coat each year. I’ve rounded up my favorite winter coat options below, but I’m especially leaning towards this one (in gray) from JCPenney because it’s a great dupe of this one from J.Crew (and SO MUCH CHEAPER)!


So what kind of coat are you looking to add to your winter coat collection? Peacoat? Pop of color? Pattern play? Fun wrap style? Classic neutral? Let me know in the comments!

  • L Heiss

    I totally bought the one from Penney’s, in gray, after seeing it on your blog a couple weeks ago. It’s pretty great! It’s a good weight, the fur doesn’t look or feel cheesy and it fits me pretty true to size. At that price, I think you have to try it!

  • Florentina Scusi

    Def need new coat!

  • I could collect coats if I had an unlimited budget. One in every color to match my mood for the day!