Bad to the Bone

DSC002091polka dot dress + leather jacket 2DSC002291DSC002431DSC002211DSC002241polka dot dress + leather jacketDSC002531DSC002031

Cause I’m bad to the bone…

…wellllll as bad to the bone as someone in fleece-lined tights and a polka dot print dress can be.

I’ve had this motorcycle faux leather jacket (from Target!) for a couple of years now, and it really only gets worn the few times that I go out and celebrate at bars in the fall/winter. Because it’s a warm layer that still looks cool (unlike my giant puffer jacket). Beyond that, it might be a little too “hard” for my normal style, but I love it when I wear it.

I wore this look out to the bars to celebrate B’s birthday a few weeks back and then I wore the exact same outfit again to work. And yes, that means I am the type of person who would wear a shirt dress to the bar…and then to work! I’m basically the coolest person you know.

Hope you guys had a great long weekend and aren’t dragging too much today! Did you get your fill of family, food, and shopping?

ps. This dress has polka dots (obviously), pockets, and is on sale today!! #win