Favorite Favorites, November 2015

Back again with a Favorite Favorites post, and it is filled with November’s favorites that I’ve loved all month long!

Also, how the heck is it December? My Christmas shopping definitely needs to move to the top of my to-do list! But tomorrow’s gift guide should help with that, so let’s move on to what I’ve been loving lately!

Favorite Treat: Cranberry bliss bars are back at Starbucks! I haven’t had one yet, but this month is going to change all that! I think it is hard to describe them, but they’re like a blondie with cranberries baked into it and then covered with cream cheese icing and more cranberries!

suave rosemary mint hair

Favorite Hair Product: The girl that cuts my hair (hairdresser, hair stylist, beautician?) always shampoos and conditions it with AVEDA Rosemary + Mint products (here), and I love love love the way that they smell and make my hair feel. I do not, however, love love love the cost of these products, so I never buy them. I just happened to be looking for a new shampoo/conditioner at Target when I saw that Suave had a Rosemary Mint collection that claims to be salon-proven and comparable to the AVEDA product…for under $4.00 (for BOTH the shampoo and conditioner – here). Done and done. It smells exactly like the hair salon products and makes my hair feel super soft. I’ve also been noticing less frizz, which is a very nice bonus! Definitely forgo one trip to Starbucks to try it out! ;)

Favorite Nail Polish Color: You can probably guess (since it’s been all over the blog in the last month), but it is “Rhapsody Red” from the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line. I love it! It’s the perfect red shade and works with all of my outfits! My friend, C, also commented that it is the perfect holiday red!

Favorite Drink: Speaking of holiday red, I’ve been loving anything that comes in a holiday Starbucks red cup! I love the design (despite the big hubbub about it), and Starbucks always tastes just a bit better around the holidays!

Loft Super Skinny Jeans

Favorite Clothing Item: Loft’s “Super Skinny” Jeans (here – see them styled above and click the image to be taken to that blog post). Let me clear the record…I am not super skinny, and I’m not exactly a fan of the name of these jeans. But I am in LOVE with them! I bought all three rinses (black, dark rinse, and regular rinse) of the “Curvy” style (again with the name, Loft?), and I’ve recommended them to several friends (with varying body types) who have also tried them and loved them! They come in petites and talls, and Loft also  has them in a “Modern” style here if you’re more into that. Grab them during the next Loft sale and give them a try (I would order your normal size and a size smaller just to see which one works best), if you’re looking for a new skinny jean!

Favorite Shoes: I opened up one of my emails from Sole Society when I was with my mom at The Husband’s surprise party, and these beautiful bow wedges were featured. We both were head over heels (pun intended) for these beauties, and I personally think they will look great with both casual and dressier outfits! And if bows aren’t your thing, Sole Society also has bow-less wedges in a variety of patterns/colors here!


Favorite Beauty Product: Nars Blush. Yes, this is the cult favorite color “Orgasm”, and yes, it really is that that great. Just a simple swipe of the color is all you really need. I think I’m becoming a makeup minimalist, and I really just want to find products that work and are easy to apply, and this blush is both (even though it is on the pricer side)! Mine has lasted forever (I just got it in a gift set last Christmas), and you can see how much I’ve barely used!

ps. My brush is part of a Sonia Kashuk set. They’re not available any more, but they have similar sets below (check out the gold and the plaid!).

Favorite Album: Adele. Adele. Adele. If you haven’t listened to 25 (here), then please get on it! My favorite song might be “Send My Love (to Your New Lover)” because it super different than anything she’s done before, but I haven’t listened to the album a million times, so I don’t really know yet! ;)

Favorite Blanket Scarf: I promise to not make this its own category every month, but this blanket scarf (here) is just too pretty to not talk about. I bought it for my friend C for her birthday, because I thought it was a great neutral scarf that could be mixed and match! So chic and so warm! And now I might have to pick up one of my own!

mini purse keychain

Favorite Cute (basically something that I think is cute): These mini bag key chain charms from Target (above)! I mean…seriously! They’re $5 so they would make a great gift or stocking stuffer for your favorite fashionista (or for yourself…no judgement here!) or you can upgrade to the original mini bag (with new colors here)!

Favorite Outfit: So I’m going to try to add this to the end of every Favorite Favorites post in the future, because I always think it would be interesting to hear what a fashion blogger’s favorite look was for the month. Because after posting 15-25 outfits each month, you have to have a favorite right? Mine in November was the “Very Berry” post (with the “Busting Out the Tights” post coming in a close second). I just love the color combination and those dang nude wedges that I’m going to have to put away until spring!

Be sure to leave your favorite favorites in the comments! I’d love to hear about them!

  • Kaci

    I love Loft’s super skinny jeans. Super skinny is the last way I’d ever describe myself, but I find the fit of those jeans to be much better than the modern fit.

  • I love these favorite favorites posts! And I second the Nars Orgasm… good stuff. Those bow wedges are awfully tempting, but my new favorite in the shoes department is going to win out for some time with this weather: my new Sperry duck boots in a plaid pattern. If you’ve got to wear boots, they better be fab!

  • You neeeeeed those bow wedges!

  • Totally agree with this favorites list! I am a big fan of the Suave Professionals line, and I pretty much live in Loft’s skinny jeans (although the modern skinny cut is my jam). Those bow wedges are SO cute!

  • My mom makes homemade copycat cranberry bliss bars and they are so great. When my shampoo and conditioner runs out I am definitely checking out that Suave stuff! I love the Aveda scent but don’t want to spend that much.

  • I love this list… you mentioned two of my favorite things: Miracle Gel nail polish (the red is on my list) and MY favorite Adele song from 25!!! If you need a break from the sadness (is it just me who finds themselves sobbing in their car listening to Adele?), listen to Joy Williams album Venus! Another album I love every song on. :)
    So far my favorite thing from my black Friday shopping is this tunic from Target. It is SO soft, and I looove the purple. http://www.target.com/p/women-s-pullover-tunic-sweater-merona/-/A-17097236