Gift Guide for the Globe Trotter

Fifth Gift Guide here on Style On Target and only three more to go in the series after this one!  I’ll be posting a gift guide for a specific individual that you might be having some trouble shopping for. I’m going to try to keep all the gifts under $50 for sure and hopefully the majority of them in the $25-30 range. Most of the items will be from Target (because I honestly love the heck out of that place), but if I find something I truly love elsewhere, it’ll be thrown in there too!

In case you missed them…

And here we go with this week’s guide!

gift guide for the globe trotter

The 2015 Gift Guides continue with your favorite globe trotter! They’re always packing and unpacking and racking up those airline miles.

Habitat: airports, train stations, gas stations
Loves: Travel, seeing the sights, trying local cuisine, first class upgrades, meeting new people, speaking new languages
Dislikes: baggage fees, getting a new passport (and losing all your stamps!), flight delays

Check out my picks (all $50 or under) for your favorite jet setter!

  1. A+ by Aldo for Target Weekender Bag (also comes in black)
  2. Urban Outfitters Map Watch (love this one (here) too!)
  3. Travel Pouches: Polka Dot Pouch, “Explore” Pouch, and Abstract Print Pouch
  4. Merona Chenille Open Cardigan (literally like wearing a blanket, and it comes in several other colors)
  5. Merona Aztec Print Blanket Scarf (perfect for chilly flights or for a pop of color when packing lightly)
  6. Mossimo Supply Co. Stripe Weekender Bag (can be used as a weekend bag or a carry-on)
  7. “Must Eat London” Book (also comes in a New York volume too)
  8. Merona Ballet Flats (my favorite travel flats…perfect for walking all over)
  9. J.Crew Factory Passport Covers
  10. Jetset Map Pillow (five gift guides in a row with a pillow…going for a record of 8/8 at this point)
  11. Street Level Cognac Saddle Handbag (this comes in black too…crossbody bags are my fav to travel with)