NFL Style and How to Style a Sports Tee for Work and Weekend

Are yoooooouuuuu ready for an ouuuuuutttffffiiiitttt poooossssst (said in my best Monday Night Football voice)…

Well get your face paint and your popcorn ready, because today we’re talking about NFL style from! You guys know this, because I blabber on about it on a weekly basis, but this is honestly a pinch-me-moment that I get to do this post, because I love the NFL, specifically the Colts! My family has been Colts season ticket owners since they moved to town (sorry Baltimore fans), and some day, I’ll get to inherit the tickets from my dad!

DSC008901colts tee casualDSC008321

My undying love of the Indianapolis Colts didn’t start as early as I would like (cough I’m a late football bloomer cough), but I’m making up for lost time with watching every game, traveling with my dad to away games, decorating my Christmas tree with Colts ornaments, and naming my dog after the brother of our all-time greatest quarterback! Needless to say, that football love combined with my style blog, I think I’m qualified to talk to you about playoff football, NFL style, and!

Today’s post is less about jerseys and nachos that you devour during the game, and more about showing your team pride out and about, especially since the playoffs are coming! I’m showcasing two looks today based around the same team t-shirt: one for work (casual Fridays…we call them Blue Fridays here in Indianapolis) and one for the weekend!

Be sure to check out NFLStyle on Instagram (here) for more great game style that isn’t just a jersey and jeans!


You can get this tee in every team logo, even though I can only really recommend the Colts (okay, and maybe the Broncos…#loveyoustillPeyton!). It’s team pride without being in your face team colors, so it’s perfect for gift giving (and receiving)! You can see the full line of NFL apparel here and start crossing your favorite football fans off your Christmas list and maybe grab something for yourself while you’re at it!

I also ordered this sweater that would be perfect for work (with tights and black skirt), except it was a bit too small, so I had to send it back for a size exchange. So if you’re looking for team apparel this holiday season, make sure you check out!

DSC008671DSC008621colts tee work

So which team are you rooting for at the end of this season? Please don’t say Patriots! ;)

ps. Have you guys seen the commercials? They always make me say “awww” out loud, because I know my dad would send me some gear if I had to move away from Colts County! They’re especially great during this holiday season!

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  • Meresu

    I swear you read my mind. As I was getting dressed in my team shirt today (GO CHIEFS!) I wondered how would my favorite blogger style this? Thanks for the ideas.

  • Sarah

    Cute! I actually just blogged about how I go from work to hockey games. Blazers are key, obviously.

  • I’m not usually a fan of wearing sports stuff as those outfits just don’t feel “me”, so I always love to see ideas for making t-shirts like this more stylish! Helps that this is a cute t-shirt to begin with, but I love how you made it fan-worthy through pops of color in the purse/nails and how you paired it with a blazer for something a little more chic. Meanwhile, we’ve got the Lions game on over here, though I have to admit that I’m not the one in the room who cares at all what happens here :)