If It’s Not Brooch, Don’t Fix It

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Today’s fun highlights:

  • Full disclosure, this was a post title suggested by my dad, so now you know where my EXCELLENT sense of humor comes from. ;) Thanks for doing my hard blog work for me, Dad!
  • These shoes are my new favorites, and yes, they need some pretty pennies in them! Though warning, these are soooo slick/slippery on the bottom that I almost slipped and ate it on the concrete when I wore them out for the first time.
  • I’m also the world’s most ungraceful person, so maybe it’s just me? ;)
  • This weekend, I think I’ve mentioned a couple times that I’m headed home to my parents’ house to bake Christmas cookies with my mom. I’m planning on sleeping in and eating tons of cookie dough. You know, like I’m eight years old again!
  • Macy’s is having a crazy great sale right now on designer brands (that are normally excluded from regular sales) with the code FRIEND, and my favorite Michael Kors purse is included! Get it here and save about $37! Tell all your friends!

Weekend sales:

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?