Black and Brown and Red All Over

DSC005001DSC005171DSC004911DSC004931DSC004961red all overDSC005111DSC004621DSC005251

Red from the top of my neck to the tips of my toes!

I warned you that this buffalo plaid print scarf would be allllll over the blog this season, and I try to keep my promises! And I’m featuring it with red lips, red nails, reds heels, and one very controversial red cup! ;)

I actually love the red cups (love the minimalistic design and the gradient of colors) and can’t decide whether it was a real outrage or a gigantic marketing scheme. Either way, this one was my first Starbucks holiday cup of the year!

Though I should have made it a venti coffee…because duh, it’s Monday AND only 17 days until Christmas!


  • L Magoon

    Cute outfit, as always. For a moment I thought you might have snuck the tan Merona bird sweater into the mix (that would’ve been cute too). Still love that bird sweater! :)
    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Target’s t-shirts are SUPER cheap right now (except for the boat neck tees- sorry). Put two (2) tees in your cart and at checkout they apply two different codes, so that they end up being over 50% off for two. For example, two of my favorite elbow length sleeve turtleneck tees are $13.50 TOTAL (regularly $15 each and very flattering — just size up one). Deal works on short and long sleeve tees, but not sure if it’s an error they’ll be fixing soon or not!

  • Ohhh that scarf! So professional with this outfit, but it would go with EVERYTHING this month. Unfortunately I think my husband would finally truly think I’m nuts if I came home with another similar scarf… so I guess I have to just live with my black and gray version, even though this is far more fun. Love it with camel and black! Nicely styled, my friend.