10 Things Tuesday (12.08.15)

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Ten Things I’ve Loved This Past Week on The Internet:

  1. Another day, another polka dot sweater that I’m in love with! And if polka dots aren’t your print, then here’s a stripe one that I love as well!
  2. Blogger love of the week: I love Kate’s laidback San Francisco style, and while she called this outfit “Grandpa Style,” I’m loving it! Mainly because of the outfit, but also because grandpas are pretty cool…one of mine reads my blog daily and has one of his own!
  3. These metallic moccasin slippers will keep you sparkling and warm all winter long even though it might be dull and cold outside!
  4. 10 successful women share their morning routines…and unsurprisingly, they almost all include coffee! ;) I actually love to read articles that show how people spend their time or what they eat or what they put in their purses. Just interesting to see how other people live, right?
  5. How cute are these illustrations on what love actually is? I thought they were so well done and sweet. It’s just a good reminder that love normally isn’t over-the-top, grandiose gestures, it’s when your husband lets you have the last slice of pizza in the leftovers or when your dog greets you at the door after you have been gone for 10 minutes to get milk. The artist also has a full book out here if you’re interested.
  6. In case you missed it, Macy’s is having a crazy awesome sale that includes normally left out designer brands (hurry though, it ends Thursday!). I’m obviously loving my favorite Michael Kors crossbody (kind of want it in black too), and I scored this coat over the weekend. But I’d also love my fairy-godmother to gift me this pretty cognac leather watch (save almost $50!) or another super-soft cashmere sweater for Christmas! #ifonly ;)
  7. 21 things that life is too short not to do. Sign me up for most of these, especially #21…because sometimes you just need the fries. Or ice cream on a Wednesday night! ;)
  8. This build-your-own-charm necklace is the coolest idea! Given that I type all day at work, I can’t really wear a charm bracelet, but a personalized necklace? I can get on board with that! The giant “K” charm is super cool too (other letters available too)!
  9. Remember in the summer when I posted a link about the top ice cream in each state? Well, now there is one for the top pizza in each state! I’ve actually had the Indiana one, and while it was very very good, I guarantee I can take you to a better pizza place in Bloomington, IN! Did they get it right for your state, though?
  10. Can someone invite me to a fancy party so I have an excuse to buy these sparkling shoes (and you know, a new dress)? So pretty!


  • Kaci

    Interesting, I’ve never heard of the Indiana pizza pick. I was disappointed by the Kentucky pick – I think Spinelli’s and Wick’s in Louisville are much better than Boombozz!

  • #3 and #10 – I LOVE all the sparkly shoes! If you find a fancy party requiring glitter heels can you invite me too???

  • That list of best pizzas in every state is pretty cool! I’d never heard of the place for Alabama, but it’s in my city, so now I have a good recommendation for where to eat this weekend :)