2015 Mini Gift Guides

Soooooo, I have been having so much fun pulling together the 2015 Gift Guides that I figured I would throw together some additional mini gift guides, because the holidays should be easy, not hard, and gift guides can help with that! I’m still going to try to keep all the gifts under $50 for sure and hopefully the majority of them in the $25-30 range. Most of the items will be from Target (because I honestly love the heck out of that place), but if I find something I truly love elsewhere, it’ll be thrown in there too!

In case you missed them…

So here we go with an additional FOUR mini gift guides!

gift guide for the southern belle

Habitat: brunch, galas, Reese Witherspoon’s new store: Draper James
Loves: sweet tea, monograms, saying “y’all” and “Bless her heart”
Dislikes: All black everything, when gingham isn’t a print option, humidity

Check out my picks (all $50 or under) for your favorite southern belle!

  1. Merona Floral Print Scarf (these almost look like the magnolias on Reese Witherspoon’s collections…for much less!)
  2. Moon and Lola Monogram Necklace
  3. Target Layered Pearl Necklace
  4. Merona Bow Keychain Card Case and Merona Bow Satchel Purse (both come in other colors too!)
  5. Merona Pink Cable Knit Sweater

gift guide for the fitness guru

Habitat: weight room, treadmill, fitness class
Loves: sweating it out, talking about pros/cons of Paleo diet, new workout gear
Dislikes: forgetting to charge her FitBit, leaving her water bottle at home, not getting in her steps for the day

Check out my picks (all $50 or under) for your favorite fitness female!

  1. C9 by Champion Fleece Hoodie Sweatshirt (comes in other colors)
  2. C9 by Champion Black/White Performance Sneakers
  3. C9 Hat, C9 Sports Watch, and C9 Socks (because you can never have too many socks!)
  4. C9 by Champion Puffer Vest (comes in other colors)
  5. LuLu Cushioned Nylon Handbag (a chicer than normal gym bag!)

gift guide for the prepster

Habitat: Rugby games, Ivy League campuses, regattas
Loves: plaid, fall, Golden Retriever dogs, quilted vests, and Bean boots
Dislikes: poor quality goods, people who don’t understand crew (the sport)

Check out my picks (all $55 or under) for your favorite preppy person!

  1. Merona Duck Boots
  2. Merona Blue/Green Plaid Blanket Scarf
  3. Timex Plaid Watch
  4. Merona Black Quilted Vest (comes in other colors)
  5. Hush Puppies Penny Loafers

gift guide for the beauty buff

Habitat: Sephora, Ulta, and the bathroom mirror
Loves: full lashes, perfect winged eyeliner, everlasting lipstick
Dislikes: running mascara, fading lipstick, and running out of time to perfect her eyeliner

Check out my picks (all $50 or under) for your favorite southern belle!

  1. Clinique “Skinny Meets Chubby” Eye Makeup Set
  2. Kate Spade Lip Print Coffee Mug
  3. Jules Smith Lip Print Scarf
  4. “Look Me in the Eyeliner” Bag, “Read My Lips” Bag, and “Everything Goes With Black Mascara” Bag
  5. Covergirl Outlast Lipstick (my fav!), MAC False Lashes Mascara (my other fav), Essie Nail Polish Gift Set