Gift Guide for the Men in Your Life

Third to last Gift Guide here on Style On Target and only two more full ones to go in the series!  Every Thursday, I’ll be posting a gift guide for a specific individual that you might be having some trouble shopping for. I’m going to try to keep all the gifts under $50 for sure and hopefully the majority of them in the $25-30 range. Most of the items will be from Target (because I love the heck out of that place), but if I find something I truly love elsewhere, it’ll be thrown in there too!

In case you missed them…

And here we go with this week’s guide!

gift guide for the men in your life

The 2015 Gift Guides continue with your favorite men! Yes, I lumped them into one guide, but don’t worry…there is something for all of them. Grandpas, dads, brothers, husbands, boyfriends, best guy friends, etc.

Habitat: man caves, sports bars, the office, the garage, nerd conventions (oh wait, that’s just MY husband! ;))
Loves: sports (or not), beer, comfort
Dislikes: shopping, reading fashion blogs (jokes because almost all the men in my family read this one!)

Check out my picks (all $50 or under) for your favorite dude!

  1. Harding Lane Needlepoint Golfer Hat and American Flag Hat (baseball hats always remind me of my grandpa)
  2. NFL Shop Colts Dad Tee (don’t worry…they have them for some other, lamer teams here ;))
  3. Merona Navy Plaid Scarf and Merona Black Tartan Plaid Scarf (scarves aren’t for every guy, but my dad wears one, and he always looks so fancy!)
  4. Nordstrom Gingham No-Iron Shirt (comes in so many colors…so classic!)
  5. City of London Windowpane Tie, Merona Red Plaid Tie, and City of London Stars Tie
  6. Merona Green Cable Knit Sweater (other color options here)
  7. Merona Black Textured Reversible Belt and Merona Brown Reversible Belt
  8. Merona Navy Canvas Weekender Bag
  9. American Crew Pomade and Jack Black Soap-On-A-Rope (my dad always use to ask for soap-on-a-rope for Christmas!)
  10. Nordstrom Flannel Pajama Bottoms (so many different prints here!)
  11. Mossimo Oversized Leather Watch, Timex Stripe Weekend Watch, Timex Blue/Brown Expedition Watch (I love giving watches as gifts!)

  • My issue is that the hardest guy in my life to shop for (my dad – why are dads always so difficult??) doesn’t like:

    Clever T’s
    Any hat except the one he already owns
    ^Ditto for scarve

    About the only thing he’s into is technology that deeeeeefinitely doesn’t fit into the sub-$50 category, haha.

    (my husband, on the other hand, is now getting a duffle bag and something else TBD. Much easier!)

    Thanks for doing these guides!

    Jess |

    • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? How do you do it, Jess?!

      Cookies? Beef jerky? Maybe smart phone friendly winter gloves?

      That’s all I got…godspeed! ;)

      • Mostly I guess wildly! This year he’s getting a super fancy weather station thingy. Previous gifts have included remote controlled hoover toys and a chia pet (because we told him that if he didn’t tell us what he wanted, he was getting a chia pet). No lie, it’s rough.