Blue Jean Baby

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Today’s fun highlights:

  • I worked 1/2 of today for a client conference call and then got to enjoy the rest of my day at home with the puppy! It felt like a really really long week, so I’m so glad that the weekend is heeeeeerrrrreee!
  • Last weekend, my mom and I went shopping (after we slaved away in the kitchen making cookies….feel real bad for us guys ;)), and she pretty much peer pressured me into getting this awesome plaid coat while we were at the mall. Okay, so really she just told me it looked good, and the sale price, plus the additional 25% off due to Macy’s Friends and Family sale pushed me over the edge. Isn’t it pretty?
  • The Husband and I had a great week of food (cajun food from Yats, cheap street tacos, and barbecue from City BBQ), so we are eating in for the next few nights! We also went shopping on our date night (#goals for me, not for The Husband) for a fun post coming next week! So excited!
  • The weather here in Indiana is making it feel like fall over again (not complaining), so I’m still busting out the puffer vests and my J.Crew Field Jacket (here) for the most part.
  • I’ve probably just cursed the entire state to have a snowstorm next week. Sorry fellow Midwesterners! ;)
  • This is our last free weekend before we celebrate Christmas with both sides of our families, so The Husband and I are taking time to enjoy the quiet weekend at home…and finishing up wrapping presents and making last minute purchases!

Weekend sales:

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?