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A bonus Saturday post for you all, because there’s just too much great stuff to cram into these holiday weeks, you know?! So grab your cup of coffee and let’s get to reading! ;)


After focusing on men and manly gift ideas in this week’s Gift Guide (here if you missed it), I’m switching gears and talking about beauty products! Specifically, Anthropologie beauty products!

Did you guys even know that Anthropologie even had a beauty section!? Because I sure didn’t, and now that I’m enlightened…I want one of everything.

Anthropologie was super nice and sent me a little box of beauty products, and I’m writing up a little review of them today! Spoiler alert, I honestly loved them all, and I don’t know how they knew me so well!


First up is this flashy cheek/lip tint from Albeit. It comes in the prettiest gold stick and is the prettiest ruby red color. It looks like it also comes in two lighter pink shades, but this red perfectly matched my favorite nail polish and was just a nice hint of color. It also helps to achieve that dewy, fresh faced finish that some many people (me included) want to achieve! It also doubles as a lip tint, so it is the perfect two-for-one product to throw into your makeup bag when traveling this holiday season. I would highly recommend this cheek/lip tint!

(ps. The plaid scarf is this beautiful one here from Target, and my brooch is from Etsy!)

Next up is the Poppy bar of soap from Mirabeau (pictured above). Anthropologie couldn’t have known this, but one of my mom and I’s favorite flowers is the poppy! You could smell the lovely fragrance through that packaging, so I was almost inclined to not unwrap this bar of soap, because the wrapper is practically a work of art (French art deco according to the product description)! It also comes in a peony scent (here), which is another one of my favorite flowers, so you definitely can’t go wrong with this product!


This beautiful mini perfume is the Stella scent from Tocca (which interestingly means touch in Italian) and is a wonderful blend of sheer musk, white freesia, blood orange and spicy lily. I honestly don’t like most perfumes, because they smell too sweet (like you bathed in candy), but this one is perfect and husband approved (plus a 5-star review online)! The mini bottles are only $18, which is a great price for the amount that you get, and there are four other scents if you aren’t sold on my Stella description!

And last but not least is my favorite item from my Anthropologie box…the Dr. Sponge (below)! Yes, it is crazy that this was my favorite item, but it was unlike anything I’ve ever tried before! You run the hard, dried sponge under warm water for a few minutes, and it becomes a soft gentle sponge! It lightly exfoliates and removes dirt, oil and blackheads. It’s a gentle exfoliation, so I would say it is suitable for most skin types! It also comes in original, lavender (which I received), charcoal, and pearl, and some reviewers say it last for several months, which makes the $9 price point pretty great!


So that’s it! Be sure to check out the beauty section at Anthropologie next time you’re shopping their beautiful stores (am I the only one that looooves how pretty their store is?) or shop their stock online (so you don’t have to fight the mall traffic)! I’ve rounded up some of my favorites below that are under $36, so they’re perfect for stocking stuffers or gifts for your best girlfriends (or yourself)!

ps. While you’re shopping around on Anthropologie, feel free to send me the CUTEST giraffe planter ever! I promise to try to keep the plant alive!


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  • Alison @ Peacoat Diaries

    Why is it so hard to find a red blush? My cheeks are naturally pink, so I’m always looking for a brighter red color in a blush to make them pop (plus I think it looks great when you’re wearing a bit of red). I’m going to check this out next time I’m in Anthro.

    • That’s actually something that I’ve never looked for, but that makes total sense, Alison! It’s a subtle wash of red color, so I definitely think it’s exactly what you’re looking for!