The New Neutrals

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Today’s fun highlights:

  • Off of work today and not working another Friday in all of 2015!
  • The Husband’s family is joining us in Indy this weekend for early-Christmas! We’re having brunch, unwrapping presents, going to see the new Star Wars movie, and gorging ourselves on appetizers-only dinner (because I’m too intimidated to cook a traditional meal…anyone else feel me?)!
  • I’m so excited, but I still have some picking up to do! Too much Instagram, not enough vacuuming! ;)
  • Aren’t neutrals just the best? They make it so easy to pull together an outfit. And don’t let anyone tell you that black and brown can’t be worn together…they’re just trying to bring you down! ;)
  • And a little pop of red adds a bit of BAM to your look. Emeril would be so proud!
  • Oh, and map watches might be my new favorite things…and mine (here) is only $12 right now!

Weekend sales:

Happy weekend, friends! What are you up to?


  • I’m actually way more freaked out by making appetizers than I am by the rest of the meal – I think I’ve just convinced myself that appetizers need to be fancy or interesting, and I’m much more confident in my ability to make a solid lasagna than I am in my ability to make an interesting appetizer! Best of luck hosting!

  • Love the sequin skirt you picked up, and YES to black and brown together! And I think appetizers are the best part of the meal anyway, so an all appetizer dinner would be my favorite.

  • Sarah H.

    I really want to know where the official wall of Style on Target is. More importantly, is there room for another blogger to shoot there? :)

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  • Brown is one of black’s best compliments. It has to be the right color, but seriously, they work so well together when it’s just right.