Gathering for Winter

DSC012401DSC012681DSC012751Loft acorn blouse + cable knit sweater + burgundy ankle boots 2DSC012611DSC012741DSC012461DSC012721Loft acorn blouse + cable knit sweater + burgundy ankle boots 1

You guys! It’s Christmas week! Only a few more days of work to power through before we can be off of work and wake up to presents (and cinnamon rolls) on Friday! I got to celebrate Christmas a little bit early with The Husband’s family this past weekend, so I’m definitely in the Christmas mood! Anyone else ready?!

It’s also officially winter (today, according to my best friend, The Farmer’s Almanac), and I can only think of two good things related to that…layering and the days are going to start getting longer! Because you have to have a couple of things to help you get through the cold, right?

This outfit is one of my new favs (who knew that matching your layered shirt and ankle boots would be so effective), but in preparing it, I’ve hit a whole new low for blog title puns.

Because I’ve now resorted to making squirrel/acorn jokes over here….

Promise you’ll still be my friend? Or at least read my blog? Anyone? ;)


  • Super obsessed with that acorn shirt, especially under the white sweater! Keep the squirrel puns comin’!

  • OMG the acorn shirt, and the post title – I’m dying. I adore this look – the white sweater is perfect over the shirt.

  • Oooooh copying this immediately. Not with a cute acorn shirt, unfortunately, but i did just buy a burgundy blouse from Loft tonight soooo I’mma make it happen. I’ll never get over those cute boots!