Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Eve)

DSC01909DSC01915DSC01894DSC01891fair isle reindeer sweater + Target coatDSC01920DSC01898DSC01912

My company graciously gave us a half day today (off work at noon), which was amazing, since I was the only one on my team that was working today…but now that noon has come and gone, I’m off work for the next five days!

The Husband and I picked up my brother R from the airport (he flew in from Utah!), and we’re headed up to my parents’ home in northern Indiana.

I’m so excited to eat our traditional Christmas Eve pizza and stay up too late. I’m usually the first one to wake up on Christmas morning (old habits from being a kid die hard, huh), but this year, I’m hoping to enjoy a giant cup of coffee and puppy snuggles (and let’s be honest, some good Pinterest scrolling) before everyone wakes up.

Then we’ll open presents, eat the cinnamon rolls that I beg my mom for on a yearly basis, hang out in pajamas way past noon, and maybe go catch a movie. Can’t. WAIT!

What are your holiday traditions?

ps. But do you recall…the most preppiest reindeer of all? It’s me! Because when you have a reindeer sweater, you wear it on Christmas Eve! ;)


  • That coat is beautiful. The lines and color are so nice looking.

  • You always put together the best looks. And affordable!