Continuing Christmas with a Wrap Puffer Coat

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Hope you all had a magical Christmas and got to enjoy spending time with family and loved ones! I celebrated Christmas with my family on Friday AND Saturday (spoiled, I know), and I’m still on my extended Christmas break, as The Husband and I both took today off to spend time with each other!

Which in my opinion, means that it is still okay for me to wear red and green together, right? Riiiight?

Because if you don’t have Christmas to focus on, you kind of just have winter…which is awful, as I am sure we can ALL agree! ;) So you all have my permission to continue playing those Christmas tunes, watching Christmas movies, and sipping those peppermint hot chocolates! #longliveChristmas

And you also have my permission to do some post-Christmas shopping to pick up those winter items that you really, really need/want. Like a new coat, perhaps? This coat is the latest in my collection, and I absolutely love it! And bonus? It’s part of Target’s clearance right now, so you can get an extra 20% off with the code EXTRA20. It’s the perfect neutral green (though it also comes in black), and it is so so SO warm. I also love how unique the collar is, and you can style it different ways. Don’t let the model in the stock photo (here) define this coat for you…she looks so sad while wearing this coat! Chin up, buttercup! ;)

ps. Don’t miss out on Loft’s current 50% off sale! It ends today! I ordered this gray blazer and this pretty print dress as part of my order!


  • ann

    Love the coat, but if it ‘s that cold, I’d be wearing boots and socks, too. Second, IT IS STILL CHRISTMAS – Christmas is a season of 12 days that begins on 12/25, so despite what the stores tell you, it’s Christmas until January 5th. Keep the red and green going!

  • L Magoon

    Ditto to what Ann said