Tunic Time

DSC011001DSC010791DSC010961DSC010871DSC010851DSC010711black and white windowpane tunic Target 1

Does anyone have any secret tips on keeping black coats clear of lint and dog hair? Anyone? Because I’ve obviously got 99 problems…and a Cooper dog is one.

Just kidding, Coop. Love you lots.

But seriously…send me your tips! ;)

Today’s outfit was built around this new tunic-ish top that I scored during Target’s crazy Black Friday deal (and is now even more on sale!), and it is completely legit. The material is super stretchy and super thick (like a really nice/expensive sweatshirt), and the print is totally on trend! I can really only recommend this color/pattern, since I also ordered the navy herringbone one, and it was significantly lesser quality (read thinner).

I’m wearing a small, which fits how I want it to, but I think it also would style really well one size up to be the true tunic that this shirt is billed as. Plus it would easily disguise when you’ve eaten too much hibachi as I did on when wearing this out on a recent date night!

Have you guys ever been to a hibachi restaurant? I’ve only been four times in my entire life, because I actually hated rice as a kid (along with a ton of other foods that I now really enjoy…my parents had it ROUGH…sorry Mom and Dad), but I absolutely love it! It’s like dinner and a show, so who can argue with that greatness? Not this girl!


  • Sarah H.

    IF ONLY I had an answer for you! But if I’m in a store looking at a something that’s a dark color and it already has lint on it, then I just don’t buy it because I know it’s only going to get worse once I add a cat to the mix. It seems like certain fabrics attract fuzz and fur worse than others. Maybe rubbing a dryer sheet on a coat would mean less static and less stuff sticking? I have no idea if that would work but it just came to me in an epiphany.
    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  • I bought the exact other ones of those tunics – first the grey/white and then the white with black lines. And I LOVED the grey one (I think it’s the same fabric as the navy). Super comfortable and warmer than a long sleeved tee. So I bought the white/black when it was on crazy clearance + sale last week and was surprised to see the different texture but like that one too. Actually really excited about both of them.

  • Diana Simmons Pierce

    I love this top. It looks exactly like what I have been looking for! :)

  • Melanie

    It’s really hard to see the shape of the top under the coat–looks like it’d be cute, though!

  • ellelions

    I wish I knew! I have two cats and a dog and my black coat always looks like yours. I have tried a lint roller, but after 4 or 5 sheets, I give up. Cute top!