Five for Friday, Vol. 113 – Kicking It Classic

five for friday kicking it classic; Style On Target

As in, welcome to the first full week of 2016, and let’s kick it off with some classic pieces!

You can’t go wrong with some classics like ponte pants, a cognac brown purse, and stripes! I’ve talked about it before, but it is important for the remixability of your closet to have basics that make your outfit more than just basic. These five items are just that and help you build endless outfits.

And who doesn’t want to have a stylish 2016? ;)

  • I have that gray sweater. BUY THAT SWEATER. Omg. Hands down, best purchase of 2015.

    Jess |

    • Whoa! That is mad praise my friend…I might have to try this one on at the store then! Thanks for your input!

      • Wellll I will temper the praise by saying that it’s totally lounge wear… but best lounge wear ever? Yes.

  • Kristy B

    I just came across your blog yesterday and I’m so Glad that I did!.
    It is very organized and it shows that you put a lot of time, effort and care into the content.

    What I like best about this blog is that the fashion is very accessible to my budget. So often I come across fashion blogs and I love the style but I simply cannot afford any of the items… being a stay at home mom.

    So thank you for all of your creative energy and And creating so many well put together Budget-friendly outfits! A job well done! I will be reading your blog on the daily and recommending it to all my friends!!


    • Kristy! Thank you so much for your nice comment! I agree with you 100% about other fashion blogs, so I hope to continue to inspire you and help your wallet out a bit! ;) Thanks again! <3