On Trend: Father Time

on trend Father Time watches for the new year

A new year means a new start, and if you’re one who is know to run late, it might be a good time (pun intended) to turn over a new leaf and commit to making it on time.

Or maybe you just want to add a timeless accessory to your arsenal?

Watches can help with both of those things!

The Husband actually complimented my watch collection the other day, since I recently added two members (the polka dot and map watches below) and can actually call it a collection! I mostly swear by Target and Timex watches, because they’re affordable (especially when you can snag them on sale), classic AND unique at the same time, durable, and most importantly….reliable!

So guess what time it is? Time to check out the watches below (all $80 or under)!

ps. Yes, I know that was a Dad joke. No, I’m not sorry. ;)

  1. Timex Black Pave Glitz Watch
  2. Xhilaration Map Watch
  3. Timex Gold Mesh Watch
  4. Timex Plaid Watch
  5. Timex Tortoiseshell Watch
  6. Mossimo Gold/Black Oversized Watch
  7. Timex Blue/White Polka Dot Watch (the band is reversible!)
  8. Timex Gray-Out Easy Reader Watch