Winter Wishlist 2016

So tell me whatcha want…whatcha really really want…

Well, now that I have the Spice Girls stuck in your head, I’ll tell you what I want. I want spring, but since I can’t have that, then let me tell you all about my winter wishlist for the rest of this winter (since you know, it lasts until March 20, according to the calendar…and probably even longer, according to Midwest weather!).

winter style wishlist 2016; Style On Target

Top Eleven Things On My Winter Wishlist for 2016:

  1. Vail Parka – The most wishlisted coat this year by style bloggers? Probably. But for good reason, it’s warm, it comes in neutral shades, and it’s a perfect way to forget that winter is happening (almost).
  2. Stripe Sweater – Stripes everywhere, please. Especially on a super affordable cashmere sweaters!
  3. Cognac Leather Gloves – I think everyone probably has a pair of black leather gloves, but I really like the look of this cognac pair to go with my non-black winter coats. Oh and bonus? They’re smartphone friendly!
  4. Plaid Shirt – Could a more perfect color combination be made for a plaid shirt? I think not. They should just really rename this the “Style On Target” plaid. ;)
  5. Suede Skirt – A must have this year, as the 70s are apparently back and I’ve seen it on every blogger ever (minus me). This one is affordable, comes in unique colors, and is super cute.
  6. Turtleneck Sweater – I’ve been looking for a perfect neutral turtleneck, and this one is the front runner! Easily layerable with vests, blazers, and winter coats!
  7. Tweed Blazer – Preferably one with elbow patches…like this one!
  8. Winter Boots – Duh. You have to have a good pair of winter weather boots when living in the Midwest (see my post here on other winter weather essentials). These come in several colors and come up high enough on the leg to protect against those snow drifts!
  9. One (or Two) New Beanies – I live in beanies for probably 1/3 of the year (thanks Midwest weather!), so I’m always on the lookout for some new ones. This leopard print one (here) would be a fun addition, and this burgundy one (here)would go great with all my neutral colored coats!
  10. Cognac Bucket Bag Purse – I’ve been looking for one of these for quite some time, and Target’s new version is perfect for toting your normal purse stuff, plus your gloves, hat, and scarf!
  11. New Scarf – Speaking of scarves…I love this gingham/block plaid print scarf. It comes in four color combinations, and did I mention that it is affordable cashmere?! Yes, please!

What are you putting on your winter (brr) wishlist? Did I miss anything?

  • Well, at least winter is a good time to be wishlisting these things for two reasons: it’s cold… and all that winter gear is on sale while they tempt us with the new spring merchandise! Love that coat too, and pleasantly surprised by that purse – from how great it looks I totally thought it was going to be an expensive one. Target does it again!