Looking to Loft

looking at loft; Style On Target

I stopped in Loft the other day with my mom and was loving the bright blues and spring vibes in Loft’s latest collection. It’s a breathe of fresh (spring!) air, after their winter collection which obviously was full of fur, wool, dark jewel shades, and black black black. While I love my earth tones, it’s always refreshing to see spring collections and the brights and whites!

And can we just talk about the blue and white paisley print? I’m not normally a HUGE paisley fan, but I love this light and airy print! My mom ended up purchasing this t-shirt in the print, but I’ve got my eye out on this beautiful floral print utility blouse (scroll near the bottom), because I’m obsessed with Loft’s utility blouses and need want them ALL!

Just click on the item you want view to be taken to the link to buy! Further proof that online shopping is the best thing…you don’t even have to bundle up in your winter gear to buy your spring styles! ;)

  • I love your blog Katie! I discovered you a few months back and added you to my Bloglovin’ feed and look forward to seeing your new posts each day. Our “style” is very similar, and I’ve ordered several items from your posts.

    Loft has become my new favorite store (over Target & Old Navy). Like, how sad is it that I’ve done FOUR Loft orders THIS MONTH (thanks for the insider657 code the other day BTW). Even sadder is that I already have FIVE of the items you have posted today, LOL!!!

  • There are so many great pieces from LOFT lately!! I need those flare jeans, but I’m waiting for them to have a petite version.


  • I just bought 4 blouses from LOFT and I’m in love! Perfect for work.

  • I loved the last shot! It’s you, right? Hahaha :)


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