What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 115 – I Think Ikat, I Think Ikat

I Think Ikat: J.Crew Factory ikat skirt, cobalt blue blouse, how to wear a denim jacket, cognac ankle boots and purse | Style On Target


It must be an exceptionally long week over here, because I am ready for the weekend…and it is only Wednesday!

Oh, Wednesday.

Hump Day (yes, said like the Geico camel). Halfway in, halfway out. Speed bump in the middle of the work week. Knocking on the door of the weekend.

But we can make it!

I think ikat, I think ikat, just like the Little Engine That Could. Especially if I was wearing this pretty navy/white ikat print skirt! ;)

  • Haha, I think ikat too. Also: I have a fine-knit sweater exactly that color, plus a denim jacket. I think that means I need the skirt? Cute outfit.

  • Kaci

    Love that ikat skirt!

  • ann

    I’d love to see links to similar skirts in longer lenghths. I don’t do mini skirts.

  • Florentina Scusi

    Nice look! The sweater has great color!