A Brand New Look for SoapBox


Guys, I’m super excited to continue my partnership with SoapBox and help spread the news of their packing redesign and introduce some new products!

Some of you may be familiar with them already, since I did a post for them last year, but for those who were in the dark like I was originally…get ready to be introduced to a great company with an even better mission (and some brand new, fancy package design)!

A lot of you are probably familiar with the buy-one-give-one business model that was made famous by TOMS shoes (here) and Warby Parker glasses (here), and that’s what SoapBox Soaps brings to the beauty market! Holllllllaaaaarrrr!

For every product purchased, they donate a month of clean water, soap bars, and vitamins (depending on the product sold) to a country in need (including helping shelters here in the USA).


The shampoos and conditioners are sulfate and paraben free, EDTA and artificial colorant free, color safe, cruelty free, made in the USA, AND after all that goodness, they take it one step further and give a month of clean water for every bottle sold. Plus, they actually work and smell amazing! They have countless five star reviews online, and I tested and loved all the products that I was able to get my hands on. And best of all….you can get them…at where else….Target!

The bottles recently got a brand new colorblocked design, which I love. So modern and fresh! In honor of that, I paired each bottle/scent with some same colored items found in and around my closet. Because who doesn’t need a pop of color during these gray dreary winter days?


But the best part of this post? They’re letting me let YOU in on some sales!

This week, they’re featured in a Target Cartwheel deal (download the app…it’s a big money-saver) for 15% off. And come February, they’re going to be in the February Target beauty box and have a big Cartwheel deal that will let you take 35% off all shampoos, conditioners, and body washes for two weeks, 2/28-3/11! Which is great timing, because during winter, one of the places you can go to escape the winter chill (besides a pile of blankets) is a nice warm bath or shower!

Sudsing up, saving money, and helping people? What more could you ask for?


Check out all the full line of products below (Target’s website is showing a mix of the old branding and new bottles) and in stores especially during the Cartwheel deal. And let’s turn some soap into hope (that’s their mission, I didn’t, unfortunately, cleverly come up with that on my own ;))!

Shampoos & Conditioners:

Body Washes:

Not to play favorites, but the blue and red bottles (and scents) have my heart. ;) Gotta to find that Sea Minerals body wash somewhere!


On top of all that above greatness, how hilarious is their branding? Love the silly comments that were printed on the sides of the box that some of my goodies came in…you know we’ve all been there AND done that! ;)

Have you tried any SoapBox products? Let me know in the comments!



This post was sponsored by SoapBox. Opinions expressed here are my own, because no one else has the password to this blog! Thank you for supporting the brands that support Style On Target.

  • I might be persuaded to try these, when the big Cartwheel deal comes through. We share inexpensive Up&Up body wash right now but, we’re in our 30s, we can treat ourselves a little, right??