What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 116 – Retro Office

What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 116 - Retro Office | Style On Target

All that Mad Men influence is finally coming to this segment on the blog…a few years late and few dollars short.

But in this “cents” (get it?), a few dollars short is a great thing! It means you’re looking retro-ly great for the office without spending Don Draper dollars and looking good enough for Joan’s approval (I mean, she certainly knows her way around a pencil skirt or two)!

And this popover shirt is super versatile. Besides looking great with this pencil skirt, it can easily go with jeans, navy skirt, olive pants, and on and on and on! Peggy would be so proud!

So you have my permission (and a few characters from Mad Men’s as well) to get your retro juices flowing and embrace a trend from the past!

ps. I’ve only watched a few episodes of the show, so I’m really just throwing in names of characters as I go! ;)

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  • L Magoon

    Ugh. . . I’m too cheap for J Crew, and don’t do blazers, but LOVE that ensemble. Maybe J Crew could sponsor a post or two so that YOU could have that outfit (somebody should have it — it’s too cute).

  • L Magoon

    That shirt ends up being $25.88 including shipping with the promo code. Pretty good deal!

  • Rebecca

    These shoes are adorable! TARGET?!