January 2016 Budget

January is an evil month here in Indiana where you are forced to stay inside and watch football, drink copious amounts of coffee and tea, and do plenty of online shopping. Oh wait, those are ALL of my favorite things! So maybe, it’s not that bad afterall….

Check out January’s budget below to see the damage:

January budget 2016; Style On Target

January 2016 Budget
+ Old Navy Rust Swing Dress – $10 ($33 – sale price – 35% off sale – here)
+ Loft Navy Blue Sunglasses – $6 ($25 – sale price – extra 50% off sale items – here)
+ Loft Fanfare Utility Print Blouse – $20 ($60 – sale price – extra 50% off sale items – similar options here)
+ Merona Black Quilted Crossbody Purse – $30 ($30 – here)
+ Anne Klein Gold Crossbody Purse – $35 ($75 – Amazon’s random pricing – here)
+ Merona Tan Marled Turtleneck Sweater – $10 ($25 – 50% off sale price – 20% off clearance code – here)
+ Land’s End Leopard Print Heels – $40 ($109 – sale price – extra 20% off clearance – here)
+ Uniqlo Navy/White Polka Dot Cardigan – $10 ($30 – winter sale – here)

Not Pictured:
+ Coach Green Vintage Crossbody Purse – $20 ($150+ originally – via Poshmark – similar option here)

Total Spent: $181

Goal: $200
Amount Under/Over: +$19 = $200 – $181
Total Saved: $356! = $537 (if not on sale) – $181
Item Count: 9
Carryover to Next Month: $65 = $46 + $19

Yes, this means I bought another Loft utility blouse, which makes it three months in a row that I have bought one (see my November budget here and December budget here). What can I say….I love them and how versatile they are! And it pairs perfectly with my new navy sunglasses. Consider me guilty…I love me some navy (and some Loft sunglasses)!

I also LOVE dupes, and this black Merona quilted crossbody is the best Chanel dupe for less. It comes in white too (here), and I’m debating snagging up the white when it goes on sale for spring/summer! It’s the perfect size for me (wallet, sunglasses, mints, a few lipstick, and a bunch of random receipts…;)), and I definitely recommend it if you’re a fan of Target purses! I had already posted about lusting over the gold Kate Spade purse here, and then I stumbled upon this gold crossbody purse from Anne Klein. Super similar, but the Anne Klein can fit more, had more pockets, and was WAY more affordable…so it was an easy winner!

I actually wanted the gray version of the Old Navy swing dress, especially when I saw how great it looked on Jess (here), but it was sold out in the tall version by then. And Lord knows I need talls most of the time! So I ordered the orange/rust version and was surprised at how much I loved the color and how well I think it will work with the other colors in my closet!

And I looooove my new dark green vintage Coach purse (and really all my vintage Coach purses). You can find the best deals on them on Poshmark, eBay, and Etsy, and the vintage ones (if treated nicely) will last until the end of time. I’m happy to add this little green guy to the group!

Things That Didn’t End Up Working (apparently LOTS this month!)
+ This flannel blazer from Loft – I’m not sure if flannel and ponte are the same material…I don’t think they are, but this normally $118 blazer is definitely not worth the price, since it’s basically just a regular ponte/stretch blazer. I was definitely hoping for something more structured.
+ This Loft floral print dress – I really wanted to love this dress, and the print is soooo pretty and dainty in person, but the fit just wasn’t there for me in the dress.
This Limited polka dot skirt – If it had been a little bit shorter, it would have been a serious keeper, but alas, I’m still on the lookout for a perfect navy/white polka dot skirt!
+ This white crepe faux wrap blouse from Target – I love my black version of this blouse (here), but the white version is super see through, even with a cami, so back to my local store it goes!


Next month will probably be a moderate month for the budget, since we’re traveling and February is a shorter month. Which is good, because March, I start to go stir crazy and want to buy ALL THE SPRING THINGS.

How did you do this month on your budget? I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers, and you should too!

  • Oh, I wish LOFT clothes fit me correctly. I love that blouse so much! The print is great!


  • Kaci

    I ordered that turtleneck sweater, but it turned out to be too big, and it was sold out in the size I needed. Bummed about that, but at least I picked it up in burgundy!

  • I love the quilted bags especially the Anne Klein one. The color is quite unique

  • I’m so jealous you found a piece in the fanfare print. The colors in it are just gorgeous!

  • That fabulous purse is making my internet ordering fingers feel itchy… Love the leopard kitten heels too and looking forward to seeing you style those up.

  • Ooh thanks for posting about the quilted crossbody! I’ve been looking for an affordable white bag, and this is a solid contender. I agree, the quality of vintage Coach bags is unbeatable!

  • L Magoon

    Pretty nice shopping there — great deals!

  • Love that quilted bag! Definitely something that will always be a classic. I am very tempted by the white version too…

  • Those leopard heels are adorable. I’m excited to see this green Coach purse as well!

    • Actually, I just spotted it in your last post. That green is gorgeous!

  • Haha, I also blame the weather for my online shopping. I mean, what else are you going to do when it’s so cold outside ;) You got a lot of great stuff for the amount that you spent!