On Trend: Valentine’s Day

on trend valentine's day; Style On Target; red, pink, and heart

We’re just two weeks away from the holiday that you either love or hate depending on your relationship status, how you feel about commercialized holidays, and whether you like chocolate or not! ;)

I’m pretty “meh” about Valentine’s Day as an adult (even though I love my valentine, aka The Husband, an TON), but I do like an excuse to shower him with love and enjoy some street tacos together. Growing up, my parents always made the day special for me. One year my dad brought me a bouquet of flowers (so sweet), and another year, my mom bought me this giant, super soft zebra print blanket that I still have.

But really I just like an excuse to wear red and hearts (no pink for me though)! So to make sure that we’re all ready to don our hearted apparel in whatever activities we’re participating in this year (date night, Galentine’s Day parties, hanging out with your cat/dog on the couch… been there, done all of them!), I’ve rounded up some perfectly festive pieces for your Valentine’s Day! And in the loving spirit of the holiday, I’ve included pink items on Style On Target. ;)

I’m also curious how you all feel about Valentine’s Day…love it or loath it? Let me know in the comments!

ps. If you’re a cat lover…or in need of a present for a cat lover, you have to check out these socks! Too cute!
pps. This lip print cardigan just came in and is super cute and festive!

  1. Sole Society Red Strappy Pumps
  2. BP Heart Shaped Sunglasses (under $15!)
  3. Target Cozy Socks in Red Hearts (here) and Pink Hearts (here)
  4. Talbots Red/White Polka Dot Blouse
  5. Target “LOVE” Ring Set (so cute!)
  6. Old Navy Pink Print Scarf (also comes in a blue print)
  7. Merona Pink Buckle Crossbody Purse (also comes in a ton of other colors)
  8. Old Navy Pink Sneakers (these come in four other colors)

  • I’ve always been kinda meh on Valentine’s as a romantic holiday (even though I’ve had a Valentine – the same one! – since age 16), but I love it as an excuse to make cards and cookies and such for friends and family. And now it’s extra fun to make ones with my cutie’s face plastered on them :) My mom still gets us little gifts, which is the most favorite part of the holiday of course, aside from wearing fun heart and pink stuff. I actually just bought those sneakers even though I sooo don’t need them. But such a great shade of pink, right?