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yellow winter coat + gray flare skirt + black sweater + black knit scarf; winter outfit for workyellow winter coat + gray flare skirt + black sweater + black knit scarf; winter outfit for workyellow winter coat + gray flare skirt + black sweater + black knit scarf; winter outfit for workyellow winter coat + gray flare skirt + black sweater + black knit scarf; winter outfit for workyellow winter coat + gray flare skirt + black sweater + black knit scarf; winter outfit for workyellow winter coat + gray flare skirt + black sweater + black knit scarf; winter outfit for workyellow winter coat + gray flare skirt + black sweater + black knit scarf; winter outfit for workyellow winter coat + gray flare skirt + black sweater + black knit scarf; winter outfit for work

So even though it’s the start of a new month and on top of that, a Monday…let’s get serious and talk about a goal of mine here on Style On Target that I’ve been thinking about for sometime. A goal not just for Mondays, not just for February, and definitely not just for 2016. Warning…this might be a little longer than a normal blog post, but I promise it’s good stuff.

I want to be relatable (and transparent, honest, funny, and a millionaire, among other things).

Umm, okaaaaaayyy, you might be thinking. Where is this stemming from? Well, two or three weeks ago, I was reading another style blogger’s post, and she linked to her favorite white tee.

“Oh my gosh,” I thought. “I need a white tee that isn’t paper thin and completely see-through! Let’s click on this link.”

The link took me to Nordstrom…and the t-shirt? $150. $150, guys!

Please raise your hand if you have $150 to spend on a t-shirt. Bueller…Bueller? Okay, so I see no hands. Jeans, sure. Nice winter coat, of course. High quality/designer leather purse, definitely (I’ve done it). But a t-shirt? It would have to launder itself for that price.

Full disclosure: That’s not to say that I don’t believe in investment pieces. Pieces you save up to buy and wear over and over again for years and years to come (for example: purses, shoes, and coats). Fran (one of my favorite honest and relatable bloggers) did a great post (here) awhile back on how she looks at investment pieces and how she saves up for them while still remaining on a budget.

But c’mon! I started this little blog in order to show people that fashion and style isn’t about high-end magazine spreads, exclusive boutiques, and high dollar items (hint, $150 t-shirts). And my favorite part of blogging so far? Hearing from you all that this blog is a place where you can go to get style inspiration and know that most (if not all) things shown or linked here are affordable and attainable. I’m out to show that you can find awesome clothes and personal style with clothing, shoes, and accessories purchased within your budget.

As you might know, each outfit on this blog features at least one (if not, many many more) clothing item or accessory that can be found at Target, but I also feature and link to other affordable items (usually I try to stay under $75 with my links). As former Vogue editor-in-chief Edna Woolman Chase said, “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.”

So all of that said, I solemnly swear that I am up to no good (here’s looking at you Harry Potter fans) that Style On Target will strive to continue to be a place where you can find relatable style blogging (and no links to $150 t-shirts) and relatable life stories (like flinging ketchup on your non-$150 t-shirt or don’t zip up your ankle boots all the way – see above ;)). Pinky promise.

(And if you don’t think I am, then please, please, call me out on it!)

How do you guys feel about this? Any thoughts on this topic…good or bad? Is there anything you’d like to see more of in terms of this topic on this blog? Let me know in the comments or send me an email ( I’d love to hear them!


  • 100% on board with this!! When I first started reading blogs, I had a really hard time finding bloggers who shopped where I could afford to shop. And now that I’ve found a bunch of good ones, I’m always just a little bit scared they’ll go big-time on me and start posting super-expensive items. Thanks for keeping it real, and for wearing this sunshiny outfit on a Monday going slower than all other Mondays. It’s adorable!

  • Thank you! I click through some other links and am shocked! I understand some investment pieces (like you mentioned although I still can’t say I spend much on those…) but for basic t-shirts and the like?? Seriously. And your coat here is perfection!!

  • L Magoon

    Appreciate the re-affirmation of your mission at Style on Target. Fashion is fun, to be sure, and coats and shoes are important to keep both warm and to maintain healthy feet. However, there are more important things to spend money on than clothing. There are also relationships that are more important than clothing (lots of them), and over-doing the fashion budget can put a strain on those. Anyway, keep up the good work. And by the way, LOVE today’s outfit. So wintry and cheery at the same time!

  • Sarah H.

    Ugh, guess I’ll have to go somewhere else for ideas on where to buy $300 flip flops now, huh? FINE.

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  • MrsKinne

    I love that I never follow a link on your blog to some sweater that I would have to win the lottery to afford. Thanks for sharing affordable ideas with us! :)

  • This is exactly why you were one of my first favorite bloggers!! I love seeing people who look great in reasonably-priced things. (And I think I would spontaneously combust if I touched a $150 tee!) Thank you for your honesty, and for keeping it real on your blog all this time. :)

  • Your blog is one of my favorites exactly because I know that, if I love an outfit, it’s easy for me to recreate of buy. Until I find my dream sugar daddy, I’ll stick with Target/Old Navy/J Crew Factory and be happy. Love your outfit!

  • Rose B

    Bravo!! I 100% support this – I follow a lot of fashion blogs for inspiration and to keep up with trends, and also because I love how many wonderful ladies are out there sharing their lives! But I have a hard time when I’m getting bombarded with nonstop designer jeans and $150 tshirts… You wear the same type of clothes I do, and I love that. It makes me feel good about my clothes and my life! Keep on keeping on, and thanks for all that you do :)

  • Meresu

    I think at least half the fashion blogs I’ve found, whenever I click on a link, go to Nordstrom. Sometimes I wonder if these bloggers work for Nordstrom they have so many links to them. But I’m lucky I found you first actually and I love your writing and your sense of humor and your style! Keep up the great work!

  • These are interesting thoughts… I agree for the most part that I appreciate links to things with more realistic (for most of us) price tags, but I’m not totally bothered by seeing more expensive/less accessible items. What is more of a dealbreaker for me in blog following is accessible style itself.I feel like some blogs I used to follow for great inspiration have just gone in a less practical/realistic way for my style (which maybe coincides with the expensive items they’re wearing? I don’t know), so my goal is to find ones that are in line with my style. And who are good buddies like you! But I do agree with Bri below that it’s nice to see bloggers who shop where you shop, partly for budget reasons, and partly because that just means it’s more in line with my style. I think a mix of links is helpful – because it’s not all about getting people to buy the same item you’re wearing, but to be nice and help them find something similar if they really like the look. If that makes sense. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  • You said everything we are all thinking. Thank you for such a well written (and funny!) post. Keep up the great work, lady!