Favorite Favorites, January 2016

Hello, my favorite blog readers! It’s crazy that it is already February….it feels like I just talked about December’s favorites, but today, we’re talking about my beginning of the year/January favorites. It’s a new year and some new favorites!


Favorite Beauty Product: Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel. This stuff is AMAZING. It feels like a lightweight, non-sticky gel that cools and absorbs deeply into your skin leaving it feeling hydrated, but definitely not greasy! I bought it because I kept seeing ads for it in magazines (marketing sucker right here…even though that was my college major!), but the 350+ reviews on Target’s website are all amazing. And apparently Olivia Pope (okay, actually Kerry Washington) LOVES this stuff too! So if it is good enough for a mega-movie star, then it is good enough for me! This is my second jar of this gel, and I’m almost out, but I’ll definitely be buying again and again.

ps. My nail polish here is “Rhapsody Red” (here) for those who might be wondering.

Favorite Album: Not necessarily an album, but I have rediscovered Pandora and have been listening to the Vance Joy station on repeat. So much great music, and it’s nice to not have to listen to the same songs over and over again.


Favorite Clothing Item: Stacks and stacks of sweaters. It’s basically all I can manage on these colder, dark mornings. Plus, who can’t use an extra layer of warmth…unless you’re a reader in Hawaii, then please don’t rub it in! ;) Here are some of my current favorite sweaters under $75 (and most of them are on sale thanks to spring collections hitting the shelves)!

Favorite Gadget: The Husband and I made a killer Black Friday purchase of a Nespresso bundle that included the Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother (here). This. Thing. Is. Amazing. I’ve been obsessed with coffee the last four years or so and have slowly worked my way from super-sweet coffee drinks to just coffee and a small amount of milk. The Aeroccino warms up your milk (which helps keep your coffee warmer longer) and whips up some air into it to make it frothy! And bonus? It’s super easy to hand clean (since it can’t go in the dishwasher). I left it at my parents’ house for three days, and I fake cried the whole time it was away from me….which probably means this is an addiction, not a favorite! ;) I honestly can’t recommend it enough, so if you have any other questions, just shoot me an email!

Favorite Shoes: I was looking for some new spring/summer shoes to take with me on our Florida trip this upcoming week, and while I didn’t order them (YET…), I love these blue and white stripe Soludos espadrille flats (here).  So easy to slip on and go go go!

london tea and lemon candle

Favorite Candle: London Tea and Lemon. Again and again and again. Luckily Bath & Body Works must have realized its amazingness, because they’ve brought it back again and again. Have you guys checked out all the destination candles (here – scroll to find them)? They’re my favorites for sure, and while Amsterdam is my favorite city, it’s only my second favorite B&BW candle! ;)

ps. Thanks to my friend, C, for buying me my first one and thrusting me into my addiction!

Favorite Book: Well, really not much of a competition, and I haven’t even finished it yet (trying to savor for our vacation!), but so far, I am loving Career of Evil, the third book in the Cormoran Strike series (here) by Robert Galbraith, aka the great J.K. Rowling. She could probably write a description of an empty room, and I’d love it…that’s how great she is.

Speaking of great books…does anyone have any must-read book recommendations for me? I tend to go through a TON on vacation!

anthropologie giraffe wildlife planter with succulent

Favorite Knick-Knack (or gee-gaw as my mom calls them!): For Christmas, my grandparents gave me the above adorable giraffe planter from Anthropologie that I’ve featured on the blog before (find it here if you missed it), and since I have the opposite of a green thumb, I decided to put a little fake succulent plant (that I found on one of the endcaps at Target – you can find some here too) in him! Isn’t he the cutest (thanks Grandma and Grandpa)!

Favorite Accessory: This amazingly gorgeous yellow bag from Boden that I will never buy and will just lust at over the internet. Guh!

Favorite Outfit: My favorite outfit on Style On Target from January actually ended up being a two-way tie between this hat-tastic sweater look (here) and this Pinterest inspiration outfit (here) featuring my new favorite camel coat. 

Be sure to leave your favorite favorites in the comments! I’d love to hear about them!

  • Jaime Costilow

    I was SO afraid they were going to get rid of the London candle at BBW. It smells so amazing burning!! Meijer sent Kacie and I a bunch of Neutrogena products to try and my husband found that Hydro Boots moisturizer to be a keeper too.

    XO, Jaime | RegallySoled.com

  • Rose B

    I just finished a really good detective book called “The Last Policeman” – It has an interesting premise and I wasn’t able to guess the reveal before the end. I think it’s the first in a trilogy, so I’m excited to see if #2 is as good. Oh and I just read Fates and Furies – IT WAS EXCELLENT! Also, Kitchens of the Great Midwest was such a sweet wonderful read. I’m so jealous of your Florida vacation, I could really go for a getaway myself but my husband is bogged down in law school. Have fun!!!

  • Oh my gosh, I discovered Vance Joy a few months ago, and he is ALL I have listened to since. That pandora station – <3

  • Yes, I loved the latest Cormoran Strike book! Other good reads for vacation that I have enjoyed lately: The Lake House (Kate Morton), Crazy Rich Asians, Love May Fail (Matthew Quick). Also just read Woman with a Secret (Sophie Hannah) which wasn’t amazing but was a page turner along the lines of Gone Girl or Girl on the Train if you want a thriller for vacation. Enjoy your trip!!