What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 117 – Beach Vibes

What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 117 - Beach Vibes; Style On Target

The Husband and I are off on another adventure this Friday…to Florida because we wanted to put our feet in the sand and feel like winter won’t last forever!

Oh, and potentially visiting Epcot to drink around the world (don’t tell my mom)!

But today we’re talking about what I want to wear to the beach, not what I’m wearing to meet Mickey Mouse. #besties

I love the mix of textures and patterns in this look, and since it isn’t 90+ degrees in Florida this week, you need some beach layers to keep you warm! This beautiful embroidered tote can hold a scarf or a jacket for the evening! Or you know…hypothetically speaking, your autograph book for when you do meet Mickey. ;)

  • Kaci

    Have fun if you go to Epcot – the Grey Goose slushies in France are a must!

  • Yay warm weather break! We’re going with my family to Jamaica in March and I think I might need to investigate some of these pieces…That’s a great swimsuit! I usually go for a 2-piece, but with taking a toddler in the pool more coverage is necessary these days, ha!