What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 118 – Traveling in Style

What I Wish I Wore - Traveling in Style; Style On Target travel style outfit

Today we’re coming back from Florida, and I can’t think of a chicer (and practical) outfit to travel in than this one!

I’ve had a recent love affair with round sunglasses, and while they may be a little too hippie for my style, I’m still thinking of just going for it! They’re just a bit more fun than more traditional shapes!

I also love this new saddle bag from the Merona Timeless Collection…because a saddle bag is just that! Timeless! Coach is bringing back its saddle bag this year (see the beautiful colors here…I looooove the yellow one), but it is just a tiny bit (jokes) out of my price range! So this one from Target is much easier on the wallet, and you won’t be devastated when you spill vacation ice cream on it! Not that that has happened to anyone over here! ;)

Traveling in style…and with ice cream on your purse. Just a few of the many options I can offer you here at Style On Target!