What to Pack: Winter in Florida Edition

Oh hey guys!

No outfit photos for you today, but instead, I thought you might like to see what I packed for our trip to Florida last week, since you all seem to have enjoyed my prior packing posts (see What To Pack: Hawaii Edition, What to Pack: Cruise Edition, and What To Pack: Europe Edition) and because I didn’t manage to take a single outfit photo while in Florida!

Whoops. This seems to happen to me almost every single time I go on vacation, you guys! Maybe I needed a vacation from the blog and from work! But definitely not from the croissant doughnuts in Epcot…those things are DELICIOUS.

what to pack winter trip to Florida

Full disclosure: there are of a lot of other style bloggers who do “What to Pack” guides. Only they’re normally they’re checking a bag…and I didn’t.

Another full disclosure? I wrote this post before we packed/left, and I would have to swap out the shorts for pants, but other than that…pretty accurate!

It was weird to pack for 60 degree days instead of the below-30 temps that I’m use to experiencing in February here in the Midwest. I can personally guarantee that all these items can fit into a regulation sized carry-on suitcase, your personal item (use a backpack/tote and put your purse inside it along with your in-flight entertainment items), and what you end up wearing on the plane. Super great right? Feel free to send me the $20-50 you save on checked bag fees. ;)

  • Stripe Tee: Casual and cool and works with nearly everything.
  • Graphic Tee: Just some fun to add to your solid bottoms.
  • Blouse: Easy to dress up or down.
  • White Tee: A perfect neutral that should go EVERYWHERE with you.
  • Dress: Because you don’t have to wear tights with it when in Florida!
  • Light Sweater: Because even though you don’t have to wear tights…it’s still winter!
  • Cardigan: Take one. Trust me. Perfect for layering and easy to remove if it heats up.
  • Utility Jacket: This is the perfect jacket for travel: pockets on top of pockets!
  • Jean Jacket: A great light layer piece…a classic Americana piece! ;)
  • Skirt: Perfect for a cover-up or dressing up after a day of sightseeing!
  • Two Pairs of Shorts (dots here, solid here): Because you’re in Florida!
  • Jeans: I would wear these onto the plane (takes up less room that way!). 
  • Beach Tote: You know…for toting things to and from the beach!
  • Straw Hat: For keeping the sunburn away and disguising bad hair days on vacation.
  • Swimsuit: For water parks, swimming in the ocean and/or hotel pools, or beach laying!
  • Two Pairs of Flats (sandals, navy flats)Perfect for walking all day…these both are affordable and comfy.
  • Sunglasses: Because even though you’re not on a beach, you still need sun protection!
  • Sneakers: Shoes to wear when you’re walking a ton, and this pair doesn’t scream tourist!
  • Scarf: This scarf can be worn around the neck or as a sarong or used as a blanket on the plane!
  • Crossbody Purse: Hands-free traveling is the best kind. 

So that’s it for my winter in Florida packing guide. Obviously, you’ll need accessories, undergarments, toiletries, books/magazines/Kindles/iPads, etc., but that’s more person to person needs anyway.

Is there anything you would add or subtract from my list?

  • THANK YOU for doing a carry on only list! I almost never check a bag and struggle with all the packing lists that require me to bring a suitcase the size of a small elephant…

  • Love this lineup! The mostly neutral palette is right up my alley and so useful for mix & match packing. I had a similar experience packing for Austin recently though – you get so used to winter that when confronted with the possibility of 50-60 degree days you wonder “what the heck did I ever wear when it was that temperature?!” It was exciting to wear light jackets and flats though.