Uniqlo Classics

Uniqlo style finds | Style On Target

Just a quick post for you all today, but I wanted to touch on some of my favorite Uniqlo pieces, because several of you have asked me about the company after this post (here)!

And I thought that this type of “shopping finds” post might be a good way to do just that, but before my dad asks (yes, he lovingly reads this blog), this post is definitely not sponsored! I just really like their classic-with-a-twist pieces, and most of the time, we’re all just really looking for great basics that can helps us mix and match the rest of the pieces in our wardrobe! Or at least…I am! ;)

Eyelets, polka dots, and stripes…oh my!

So here are my favorite pieces from their current spring collection, but if you’re in love with Liberty London, be sure to watch out later┬áthis spring for their Liberty London x Uniqlo collection!┬áSizing is pretty standard, and their size charts do a good job of clarifying what size you might need to order based on your measurements.

ps. One piece I didn’t have room to include was this polka dot cardigan, but I actually own it and wore it earlier this week in real life (hopefully if it stops raining here, I can take photos)!

  • How do you like the quality of the cardigan? I’ve been toying with the idea of ordering one (in the soft pink or polka dot), but I’ve never bought clothing from Uniqlo.

  • Uniqlo is a great little secret source that I’m always sort of afraid the masses will discover (and ruin). Their cashmere is great for the price point. Their ultra light down is amazing. And their collaborations are consistently solid — I’m dying for several things from the new Lemaire collection. They’re opening a store in Orlando soon, can’t wait!