On Trend: Spring Jackets

on trend spring jackets 2016 | Style On Target

Here in the Midwest, we only really get the option of wearing springtime jackets for a short period of time. It seems like it is only a few weeks of spring and then BOOM, it’s too warm to wear a jacket at all. Le sigh!

But for those few weeks, you definitely need a layer in the morning and the night, so I’ve rounded up seven affordable spring jacket options and one that you’re probably going to want to wait for a sale code for, but it is one of my favorite jackets (perfect for traveling, example here). Check them out below!

Which one is your favorite or do you have another favorite spring jacket recommendation?

ps. I also love the bright rain jackets (especially the yellow), because if it is rainy and gross, you might as well be sunny and cute!

  1. Old Navy Canvas Field Jacket
  2. Uniqlo Beige Classic Trench Coat
  3. Merona Yellow Rain Jacket (comes in 4 other colors)
  4. J.Crew Field Jacket (comes in 4 other colors including a new canvas color!)
  5. The Limited Navy/White Stripe Trench Coat
  6. Old Navy Denim Jacket
  7. Coffee Shop Navy Rain Jacket
  8. Uniqlo Red Short Coat (comes in 4 other colors too)

  • I’m on the hunt for a new simple rain jacket – I’ve always had black or gray, but I’m thinking a bright fun color may be my next choice!