Louisville Travel Diary

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A couple of weekends ago, a few of you all asked for some recommendations for a trip to Louisville, so I’m here to round up some of my favorite places/things to do! Louisville is a great city with an amazing set up (right on the river) and an even better restaurant scene that’s developed in the past few years!

One of my best friends, C, lives (and grew up) in Louisville, and it is only a 2 hour drive away from Indianapolis, so I am lucky to be able to visit probably 2-3 times a year. She loves to find the best places to try, so you can thank her for most (if not all) of this list!

We love to eat, shop, and gossip, and we rarely leave any other time for anything else, so that’s what most of my recommendations will include, but I’ll be sure to hit the main sightseeing parts as well! Check it out below!

navy sweater + J.Crew Factory vest + gingham print flats + jeans | Style On Targetnavy sweater + J.Crew Factory vest + gingham print flats + jeans | Style On Target

Top Ten Things to Do in Louisville (in no particular order):

  1. Churchill Downs – Duh. This is probably the most well known area of Louisville, even if you don’t know it by its actual name…because it is home to the Kentucky Derby! There are other racing events that are held here and racing occurs from late spring until end of June/early July. Grab your best fancy hat and place your bets! I’ve only ever driven by, but it’s on my bucket list to attend a Kentucky Derby sometime!
  2. Four Sisters – This is a new discovery for me and is right now my favorite brunch place…even though I live two hours away. Four Sisters is a creperie, meaning that they only serve crepe-based dishes. You can build your own or choose one of their pre-concocted options, but you do have to decide whether to get sweet (banana, chocolate, strawberry, Nutella, etc.) or savory (eggs, cheese, tomatoes, chorizo, etc.). We all decided to go savory, and I devoured every inch of my crepe! Yum! Also, be sure to get the Nutella latte, and thank me later.
  3. The Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass – I didn’t score anything on my latest visit here, but I love checking in at the outlets to try and find some great bargains!
  4. Wild Eggs – While we’ve got brunch on the mind, this was my original favorite brunch place in Louisville. They have several locations across the city, and Indy folks, we now have one here in Carmel! The decor here and centers around all kinds of egg motifs (artwork, lamps, salt/pepper shakers, etc.) and is so cute. The buffalo chicken omelet in my favorite dish, though sometimes they offer a peanut butter syrup that is SO good and requires me to switch things up and order some pancakes!
  5. Louisville Mega Cavern – Another thing to add to my Louisville bucket list is the ziplining in the Louisville Mega Cavern! The man-made cavern is part of 17 miles of corridors located beneath the city of Louisville, Kentucky. You can zipline, complete a high ropes course, take a tram through the caves and learn about how it was made, or even enjoy a Christmas lights show in December! I can’t wait to check it all out!
  6. Mojitos/Artesano – You have to pick one of these to go to, because they’re owned by the same folks and are very well done, but slightly similar. These are tapas (small plates) style restaurants, so get ready to make some stomach-pleasing choices. If I had to choose, I would pick Mojitos over Artesano, for two reasons: swirl margaritas (frozen margarita swirled with red sangria…basically a delicious adult slushie) and guacamole served with plantain chips! Though, Artesano does have a beautiful outdoor patio that makes you feel that you are dining at someone’s private villa! You can’t go wrong with either place though!
  7. Distillery Tours – Go to one or try to conquer them all, but Kentucky is certainly known for its bourbon. There are several within driving distance from Louisville, so you can make a whole day of it or pace yourself for a long weekend! Be sure to pack a water (or two or three)!
  8. Bluegrass Brewing Company – The real BBC (don’t tell London I said that)! This is for all the craft beer enthusiasts (men AND women) and also has great brewery-style food. But it should be known that I’m slightly biased to this place, because we dined here when my college (Indiana University) beat the University of Kentucky in a buzzer beater shot, and we went crazy! It’s also right across the street from the KFC Yum! Center, which is where I saw Taylor Swift perform last year!
  9. Louisville Slugger Museum – A must-do if you’re a baseball fan…or traveling with one! This is a museum all about baseball and the one bat (yes, that is a giant baseball bat outside the entrance of the museum) that has made it through years of American’s favorite pastime. Great tour and you’ll learn something, whether you’re a fan of the game or not (aka me)!
  10. Louvino – Another tapas restaurant that is SUPER delicious and was voted Kentucky’s best wine bar. We dined here last year, and I had the short ribs mac and cheese and the Jennifer Lawrence-themed wine flight (bubbly and sweet). Great atmosphere here, and I’ll have to go back soon, because they apparently have brunch now and offer PANCAKE TACOS!

navy sweater + J.Crew Factory vest + gingham print flats + jeans | Style On Targetnavy sweater + J.Crew Factory vest + gingham print flats + jeans | Style On Targetnavy sweater + J.Crew Factory vest + gingham print flats + jeans | Style On Targetnavy sweater + J.Crew Factory vest + gingham print flats + jeans | Style On Target

Kentucky, we’re pretty lucky to have you as a neighboring state, and I can’t wait to visit again soon! Also, thanks for letting your team lose against my Indiana Hoosiers this weekend! #sorrynotsorry Sweet 16, baby!


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    So glad to hear that you enjoy our wonderful city!