Five for Friday, Vol. 126 – Bohemian

five for friday, bohemian spring style | Style On Target

Let me be clear about something right off the bat…I don’t do bohemian styles often. I tend to leave that to those “cooler than cool” girls that look like they walked straight out of Coachella (which is apparently happening in a week…thanks Google) or the 70s.

But there is a casual ease to the bohemian style that I love. That light-and-airy, floating-on-air kind of vibe that sometimes, just sometimes, you’d just love to slip on.

So just to switch it up on you and keep you on your navy/red/stripe toes here at Style On Target, I’ve picked five bohemian-ish style pieces that I wouldn’t mind trying out for a day/week/season or two! How about you? Are you all-classic, all the time or are you more of a bohemian babe?

Either way…groovy, baby!