Loft Love Letter

Loft spring/summer 2016 | Style On Target

It should be no surprise to you all that I’m a big BIG BIG fan of Loft. And in yesterday’s post, I included an article that was basically one giant love letter to Loft. So I figured today’s post could be my own Loft love letter (and no, this post is definitely not sponsored)!

Dear Loft,

Thanks for always being there. Whether I needed a pencil skirt for a college business class presentation. Or a pair of dress pants (in talls…bless you for carrying longer lengths) for my first real world job. Or a red skirt that I really wanted and won from The Husband on a bet (#success). Or when I wanted a white lace skirt for my wedding rehearsal dinner. And the list goes on and on and on.

You’ve been with me through a lot….and your mirrors are always, somehow, super slimming. So thank you for the clothes, the memories, and the deception! ;)


Are you writing your own love letter to Loft or are you going to be too busy scouring over the new items below? I’ve rounded up 24 Loft items that each deserve their own love letter…and a permanent home in my closet! ;)

  • Charger Girl

    I love Loft – I just wish they would get their crap together with the pocket stitching on their jeans. Their jeans cost too much to have the stitching begin to come loose after a couple of wears. It’s a real problem because I have several pair like that.

  • I like how the designs featured are so classy and chic! Thanks for bringing my attention to this brand!