What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 128 – Anchors and Stripes

What I Wish I Wore: Anchors and Stripes | Style On Target

Here’s a great idea…let’s throw alllllll of my current favorite things into a blender and see if an outfit of the day can come out.


Navy and white color combo.

The trendiest shoe for the spring season.

Nautical vibes.

And a red lip for good measure.

Blend it up, and here it is! The perfect recipe for an outfit of the day! But seriously, I need this skirt!

ps. Can you guys tell that I think about food all day long now that I’m on the Whole30? I’m constantly figuring out what I need from the grocery or what I’m going to have for my next meal. Prepping and possibly over thinking it over here, folks! ;)

  • That skirt is soooo cute! And I was a little unsure about this mule thing, but I might be getting on board soon…

  • Rochella van Oel

    I love the shoes and the skirt, gives a real good summer vibe :) http://www.fashionme.nu/

  • L Magoon

    That also looks like something Daphne from “Mode and the City” would wear (except for maybe the shoes?). Didn’t realize til today that her blog is now all in English. Between the two of you it’s hard not to love navy, red, stripes and nautical!