Five for Friday, Vol. 128 – Chaps and Kohl’s

five for friday Chaps at Kohl's collection | Style On Target

Oh man, you guys! Do those Instagram ads ever get you? Like the picture fits in so well with your feed that you like it without even realizing that you don’t even follow the account? Does this happen to anyone else?

Well, the other day, those marketing geniuses at Kohl’s got me real good. I was scrolling through Instagram (possibly definitely at work) when I scrolled up to a chambray dress all styled up. And of course, I liked the photo and started wondering where the dress was from…and that’s when I discovered that it was a sponsored post from Kohl’s for their Chaps brand!

I headed over to Kohl’s website (not during work this time) and found the dress,¬†which was not as cute online as on Instagram. But I did find five other items that were cute…so I threw them into a post, and here we are. No Target items today, but hopefully all the stripes and polka dots make up for it! ;)

Have you ever been bamboozled by an Instagram ad? What brand was it?