April 2016 Budget

April showers, bring May…skirts, apparently here on Style On Target. Four skirts out of eight items this month! I guess we know what I’ll be wearing on repeat this spring and summer!

Check out April’s budget below to see the damage:

April 2016 budget | Style On Target

April 2016 Budget
+ Chaps Navy/White Polka Dot Skirt  – $30 ($70 originally – Kohl’s pricing – 20% off sale – here)
+ Who What Wear for Target Floral Print Scarf – $11 ($16 originally – 30% off clearance – similar)
+ Old Navy Striped Linen Dress – $12 ($33 originally – Old Navy’s pricing – 30% off sale – here)
+ Nine West Yellow Saddle Bag Purse – $20 ($90 originally – via Poshmark – similar)
+ Loft Black/White Chevron Skirt – $25 ($50 originally – 50% off sale – here)
+ Chaps Blue Gingham Skirt  – $30 ($70 originally – Kohl’s pricing – 20% off sale – here)
+ Loft Vintage Floral Print Tee – $15 ($30 originally – $15 tee sale – here)

Not Pictured:
+ Banana Republic Red Skirt – $11 ($90 originally – via Poshmark – similar)

Total Spent: $154

Goal: $200
Amount Under/Over: $46 = $200 – $154
Total Saved: $293 = $449 (if not on sale) – $154
Item Count: 8
Carryover to Next Month: $222 = $176 + $46

The prettiest blue and yellow haul I ever did see…if I do say so myself! Full of stripes and perfectly flared skirts (obviously a silhouette that I know and love).

And those Kohl’s skirts? Obsessed. I’ve already worn them both this month, and I can’t wait to wear them again and again and again. I have been looking for a navy/white polka dot skirt like this for a long, long time. So if you’ve been looking too, be sure to snag this one before it is gone! It also comes in a navy floral print (here), but I thought the print was just too busy to work for me, but you might love it!

The yellow purse from Poshmark was kind of an impulse buy, but I had been longing over this Coach purse for too long, and I knew I was never going to spend the $400 on it. So I’m pretty happy with my similar find on Poshmark that cost me only $20!

The linen dress from Old Navy (practically Madewell style for $12, yes please!) and the vintage floral print tee from Loft will easily work now with layered looks and transition perfectly on their own to summer! I seriously love these two pieces, but yes, I love the polka dot skirt more. ;)

Things That Didn’t End Up Working
+ This denim skirt from J.Crew – It was so so so close to working, but for the price, I wanted it to be perfect! I also wanted to wear shirts tucked into it, and it just didn’t look right.
+ This green “flare” skirt from Uniqlo – Nope. Just nope. Wrinkly and cupcake shaped. Pass.
+ The pretty chambray blazer from Loft – Dang! I really wanted this one to work, but it was a bit too oversized, and the one button placement was way too low. Back to the store it went.

I wrote in March that I expected my Whole30 (read more about the program here) might affect my shopping habits, but I really don’t know if it did. I would guess that I likely had less time to shop, since I was always out grocery shopping or cooking!

In May, we’re headed to Utah to see my brother and do some hiking, so I definitely won’t be shopping then. I still want to order these espadrilles (in the denim color), since Target didn’t have a good sale on them last month, and I definitely have my eye on this red patterned Loft skirt (or this black palm print one…decisions)! What are you looking to purchase next month?

How did you do this month on your budget? I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers, and you should too!

  • I’m just so excited we have the same skirt now. Also you kicked butt on all things blue and yellow this month, which are two of the best colors to wear. Especially dying over that scarf!

    I have had SUCH bad luck with Uniqlo skirts. I’m both happy and sad to know that I’m not alone on that!

  • Anna Wagner

    I have that Loft floral tee as well and just love it! I didn’t like the print on the website but it’s so cute in person and just fits perfectly.

  • Um, how freaking fun is that yellow bag?! And it was such a steal! I actually love it more than the Coach version.


  • I love your picks and that Old Navy dress is great! I’ve been debating buying it and I think you may have convinced me.


  • What a cute array of skirts! You are so ready for spring! :) I love the gingham one but was most drawn to the black chevron one… and then I realized that I have a black chevron skirt, just from Old Navy, haha! Whoops!

  • Yellow is one of my favorite colors! It’s just so cheerful. I feel like a yellow bag is the perfect statement accessory.