Five for Friday, Vol. 129 – Ladylike

five for friday ladylike | Style On Target

Sooooo, yes, I titled this post ladylike, but I’m probably the most unlikely candidate to tell you what it is and is not ladylike.

But since the epitome of ladylike style, Kate Middleton, turned down my 105th offer to let her write a post on Style On Target, here I am anyways, and you get five awesome wardrobe picks out of it!

But seriously, can’t you just imagine her in this collarless coat? Which means I need to add it to my shopping cart, right now!

So mind your p’s and q’s and grab some ladylike style!

  • Kaci

    Love that coat – it’s VERY Kate!

  • Florentina Scusi

    I like the bag and the coat!