Favorite Favorites, April 2016

Hello, my favorite blog readers! It is your favorite day of the month…Favorite Favorites time! This time around, we’re rounding up my April favorites. Let’s get to it!

cold brew coffee + almond milk

Favorite Drink: Chameleon cold brew coffee (different/stronger than iced coffee) + almond milk. Such a treat on all the wonderfully warm days we had in April! I prefer a two to one ratio of milk to coffee (which makes a bottle of cold brew go further too)!

ps. My nail polish is still Scarlet Starlet (here), which, yes, I’m still obsessed with! 

Favorite Clothing Item: Skirts. Skirts. And MORE skirts! It was obviously clear that skirts made up the bulk of my monthly budget in April (see it here) and there are still SO many more out there to be purchased! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites below in case you need a few for the spring or summer!

Favorite Candle: For our second anniversary, The Husband got me a candle. But not just any candle (even though I seriously think candles are GREAT gifts)! It was clean, cotton smelling one (specifically this one from Yankee Candle), because the second year anniversary gift is traditionally cotton. How cute it that? It’s also worth noting that we both are huge dorks and wrote almost identical cards to each other. #truelove

Maybelline Brow Drama pencil review

Favorite Beauty Product: So a few months back, I thought I had discovered my favorite eyebrow product (here), but then the same brand came out with a new brow pencil that I had to try! Insert the Maybelline Brow Drama pencil (here)! For someone who does not invest a lot of time in makeup, this is a game changer. Just a few light strokes to fill in your brows, and you’re done! It makes a huge impact for only taking 30 seconds out of your morning!

Favorite ShowUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is back with a new season on Netflix, and it is literally ALL I’ve been watching! We still have a bunch of episodes to work through (I apparently only binge watch football games…not TV shows), but my favorite quote so far? “My jams are grape, jock and space.” So good and lighthearted!

Favorite Victory: I finished my first Whole30 in April! It was a big achievement and really helped open my eyes to some things that I’ve never really thought about before in terms of food and general health. I had a ton of energy and non-scale victories (though I did have some weight loss too!), learned some new recipes that I really enjoyed, and definitely had my fair share of chocolate chip scone cravings! ;) I’d recommend it to anyone who is interested. You can read up more about it here!

Target bicycle doormat

Favorite Doormat: I’m honestly shocked that I haven’t bought this doormat (here) yet! A cute little red bike with blue accents and a baguette in a basket!? Where’s my wallet? Target, take my money!

Favorite Cute (basically something that I think is cute): Obviously this classic shot of when Prince George met President Obama…in his pajamas. ADORABLE! Royals, they’re just like us! ;)

soludos fruit embroidered espadrilles

Favorite Shoes: Soludos espadrilles are my most recent obsession, and the perfect summer shoe! I want a pair of embroidered ones, but I can’t decide whether to get the watermelon ones (here), the lemon ones (here), or the pineapple ones (here). Help a girl out?

Favorite OutfitI’m in love with stripes (shocker), so of course it had to be this work-appropriate double striped look! All the stripes, all the time, please!

Be sure to leave your monthly favorite favorites in the comments! I’d love to hear about them!

ps. None of this is sponsored, and all of the favorite products reviewed were purchased by me (or me and The Husband when I slip them into the grocery cart)! ;)

  • I’m LOVING the soludos I just got and am now thinking I need a fun embroidered pair! And LOVE the unique twist on “cotton” :)

  • Big YES to embroidered Soludos. I wore mine so much last summer and cannot wait to pull them out again. I’d have to vote for the lemon ones, because my pineapple ones have that same background color and it’s awesome. Also way to Whole30! I had really similar feelings at the end (and also a big glass of wine, ha!) And my new favorite drink is Spindrift Seltzer. Way tastier than LaCroix but still Whole30 compliant, I think.