Minimal Madewell

Made for Madewell | Style On Target

Ah, Madewell. Home of the basics-that-aren’t-basic. The softest tees, the most classic bags, and the best jeans.The closet staples that you keep reaching for, over and over again.

I’ve talked about my occasional want to be a Madewell girl before (see that post here), but I’m revisiting the topic again today, because I occasionally get the urge (like now) to simplify and downsize my closet. More neutrals, less color. More staples, less statements. There’s definitely part of me that could be a minimalist (I even have a secret Pinterest board for minimalistic looks). But then I see the newest and greatest cardigans from Target, and my color-and-pattern-loving self shines through. It’s all about balance, you know? And adding a few pieces from Madewell can help with that!

Also, do we think I can pull off overalls, or should I just leave that to 8-year-old Katie? ;)

While you’re pondering that question, check out my current favorite items from Madewell below!