Five for Friday, Vol. 132 – Polka Dot Party

five for friday polka dots | Style On Target

We saw a polka band perform a few weeks back (Polka Boy is GREAT to see if you’re ever in Indy), and in addition to making me want to learn how to play an accordion, it inspired me to find a whole bunch of polka dot items for this post.

You know, so I can show supportĀ forĀ the band next time we see them! I’m simply trying to be a supportive fan…not pad my closet with a fun and cheerful pattern! ;)

Polka on with these great items, party people!

And for my encore, even more polka dot items!

  • I just was realizing I have a ton of striped shirts but nothing with polka dots. I should branch out a little. I did just order a swimsuit top with dots, it’s a start!

  • Kaci

    My dad LOVES the Polka Boys!