May 2016 Budget

Yes, there is like another full week of May left, but I am posting this blog post today, because to me that means the June budget is here…and why is that so important? Keep reading, my friends!

Check out May’s budget below to see the damage:

may 2016 budget | Style On Target

May 2016 Budget
+ J.Crew Factory White Crew Tee – $16 ($22.55 originally – sale – here)
+ Loft Black/White Palm Print Circle Skirt – $25 ($50 originally – 50% off sale – here)
+ Loft Red/White Print Circle Skirt – $25 ($50 originally – 50% off sale – here)
+ Merona Red Wedge Sandals – $20 ($25 originally – 20% sandal sale – here)
+ Wicker Clutch – $10 ($60 originally – via Poshmark – similar here)

Not Pictured:
+ Coach Red City Bag Purse – $25 ($200+ originally – via Poshmark – similar here)
+ J.Crew Factory Stripe Crew Tee – $16 ($22.55 originally – sale – here)

Total Spent: $137

Goal: $200
Amount Under/Over: +$63 = $200 – $137
Total Saved: $293 = $430 (if not on sale) – $137
Item Count: 7
Carryover to Next Month: $285 = $222 + $63

Okay, suspense over! June is my birthday month, so it is the one month that I don’t really “make” myself follow the budget. So you may see increased spending during June. And reporting the May budget early annnnddd starting the June budget a week early? All part of my evil plan…bwahaha.

And it turns out vacationing in the middle of the month definitely curbs your spending! But back to May’s budget and the few, but exciting things I purchased!

A good white tee is hard to find. That’s why you need to run, don’t walk, and buy these J.Crew Factory tees! Completely NOT see through, soft, and fairly affordable. I would much prefer if they had been $9-10, but the $16 I paid was worth it for them not being completely sheer like every other white tee I have ever tried on! They come in a ton of solid options (here) and three different stripe versions (here).

Another thing I can’t get enough of is the thick jersey circle skirts from Loft the past few years. Loft, you keep making ’em, and I’ll keep buying them. Free advice for the Loft executives (who most certainly DO NOT read this blog): make one in vertical stripes and one in black/white gingham, and you’ll sell out!

The wicker clutch was a random purchase, but I was looking for a good summer clutch, and my negotiation skills apparently worked on Poshmark. Score. Another killer Poshmark purchase was yet another Coach bag. I am apparently (subconsciously) replacing ALL my purses with vintage Coach bags, but I love finding a new one and you really can’t be the price and quality if you put in the time to scour the Internet for one that you want!

Things That Didn’t End Up Working
+ This H&M white/navy stripe sweater – boxy, baggy, and slightly see-through. Three adjectives that will get you sent straight back.
+ This white pintuck swing blouse from Old Navylooks AMAZING on Nicole here and looked AWFUL on me. A great example of why clothing companies make all different styles of tops for all different styles of people!
+ This black Loft tassel skirt – really wanted to like this one, because I love a good black skirt with interest, but it just seemed too flimsy and too thin for a $70 skirt that was only 40% off.
+ This white gauze cami dress from Old Navy – a touch see-through, so the quest continues for both white jeans and a white summer dress!

Next month’s budget should be a fun one, as Memorial Day sales are right around the corner and are actually some of my favorite sales to shop! Plus, I’m sure I’ll manage to treat myself to a birthday present (or two), so you know it will be a great month of shopping!

How did you do this month on your budget? I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers, and you should too!

  • Love the purse find!

    Liz @

  • Totally get wanting to post early to incorporate more money into a birthday budget (my birthday is next month too) ;) Is there something in particular you’re eyeing up?

  • I’ve been eyeing those J. Crew Factory tees for awhile, but with your ringing endorsement, I might have to try them sooner than later! And those sandals you got are super cute!

  • More cute skirts for the win! I looove those shoes for you. And I loooooooooove that wicker clutch for the both of us ;)

    I’m sad the pintuck shirt didn’t work for you! Those t-shirts look awesome though and are surely more versatile.

    Thanks for the unintentional validation about my birthday month spending. I didn’t go nuts like I could have, but I obviously overspent. I promise to be better the rest of the year! Warm weather clothes are just the best!