Five for Friday, Vol. 134 – Keeping It Classic

five for friday classics | Style On Target

It’s not a secret that as I get older (sigh) and my style develops, I like to get the most bang for my buck when it comes to buying clothing, shoes, and accessories.

To me, this doesn’t mean that I’m buying the most expensive items (which theoretically should be the highest quality, but don’t we know that that isn’t always true!), but that items need to do as much work (double-duty, triple-duty, deca-duty!) as possible. Remixable, rewearable, work-to-weekend, versatile, etc. Almost all of these things need to apply for me to buy 90%* of my wardrobe.

But that doesn’t mean that things have to be boring (I would die of boredom from a minimalistic wardrobe), and today’s Five For Friday round up includes items that are versatile and won’t put you to sleep (like another basic black bag or flats)!

*I make excepts for 10% of things…and usually they involve a cutesy graphic print (like this shirt…so cute!)!

  • A tassel necklace gets sooo much wear, I have found. And that coat is too cute!

  • ooooh very into that coat! also loving that those five pieces could essentially be an outfit!