What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 136 – Ikat Weekend Mix

What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 136 - Ikat Weekend Mix | Style On Target

Here’s what I would like to know today…in exchange for providing you with today’s super cool outfit! #Iworksohard ;)

Were you a playlist person growing up? Gosh, I sound like I just turned 29 or something…but I loved loved loved making playlists growing up.

A playlist for getting ready. A playlist for working out at the gym. A playlist for a road trip back home. The list goes on and on. I wasn’t the only who did it, because I had friends in college that exchanged playlists every few months with their high school friends as a way to stay connected (come to think of it, they still might do this…such a cute friendship thing!).

A playlist for anything and everything!

The sad part, it’s totally obsolete in today’s age, because Spotify and Pandora do all the work for you. You get the instant gratification, but you lose the creativity. So consider  today’s outfit your weekend (or even Wednesday) playlist/mix straight from me to you!

Cue the awwws. ;)