June 2016 Budget

We interrupt this Red, White, and Blue Week on Style On Target to bring you a very important announcement:

June’s budget! Aka the birthday month budget…aka where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter (any Whose Line Is It Anyways fans out there?)!

Now that we have those disclaimers out of the way, be sure to check out June’s budget below to see the damage:

june 2016 budget | Style On Target

June 2016 Budget
+ J.Crew Factory Navy/White Stripe Skirt – $26 ($80 originally – discounted price – 40% clearance sale – here)
+ Sam & Libby Black Block Heel Sandals – $0 ($33 originally – 25% off sale – gift card – here)
+ Merona Black/White Printed Sleeveless Blouse – $16 ($23 originally – 30% MemorialDay sale – here)
+ Target Coin Necklace – $11 ($17 originally – 30% Memorial Day sale – here)
+ vintage Coach “Court” Purse – $33 ($200+ originally – via Poshmark – get your own here!)
Loft Denim Shorts – $5 ($44.50 originally – $25 shorts sale – $20 Loft earnings coupon – here)

Not Pictured:
+ Forever 21 White Eyelet Skirt  – $11 ($23 originally – Memorial Day sale pricing– here)
+ Loft Navy/White Embroidered Shorts – $36 ($60 originally – 40% off Memorial Day sale – here)
+ Merona Black Mini Wedge Sandals – $18 ($25 originally – 25% sandal sale – here)
+ Loft Navy/White Dotted Dress – $22 ($69.50 originally – 40% off sale – reward coupon – here)
Loft Navy Open Cardigan – $18 ($49.50 originally – 40% off sale – birthday coupon – here)
+ Merona Cognac Brown Knotted Belt – $0 ($17 originally – gift card – here)

Total Spent: $196

Goal: $200
Amount Under/Over: $4 = $200 – $196
Total Saved: $429= $642 (if not on sale) – $196
Item Count: 12
Carryover to Next Month: $226 = $222 + $4

Not a ton of things to talk about, but some really good “staple” or “foundation” pieces were picked up this month: gold pendant necklace, black sandals (cough…two pairs…cough), denim shorts, brown belt (obsessed), navy cardigan, and another classic and vintage leather Coach purse (oh how I love the “Court” style so much)!

I added some “fun” pieces in too. A striped skirt, a pair of embroidered shorts, a polka dot dress, and a white eyelet skirt that somehow by the grace of God, I have not spilled anything on it…yet.

Yes, I just knocked on ALL the wood in my house. Including every baseboard in every room in the entire house.

And no, it probably won’t be enough to save me! ;)

Birthday Presents to Myself

I make up new rules every year on how my birthday budget will work, and this year was no different!

I had all of the four below pieces on my wardrobe wishlist for some time: a crisp white shirt, a new dress that would work for work AND a wedding that we’re attending this weekend, beige suede sandals, and a button front jean skirt (click on any of them to be taken to the specific item)…so as a birthday treat, I decided to buy them all for myself!

And you know, not count them against myself in my monthly budget. ;) Happy Birthday to me indeed!

Things That Didn’t End Up Working
+ This pom-pom embellished tank from Old Navy – I actually loved this tank, but because the details are so subtle, it didn’t really make it different than a regular black tank…that I already own.
The world’s worst white dress from J.Crew Factory – Nope. Just nope. Wrinkly, thin (aka see through), thick (aka bunchy in all the wrong places), and cupcake shaped. Pass.
+ This pretty red floral print tank from Loft – Dang! I really wanted this one to work, but it was a bit too oversized, scratchy, and I couldn’t think of many different ways to wear it. Back it went…though I love the print!

In July, I don’t know how much shopping I will end up doing, unless there are really good Fourth of July sales…then I might eat my words! I also plan on cleaning out my closet, which is apparently needed because The Husband has recently accused me of stealing “his” hangers. Finders keepers, y’all! ;)

How did you do this month on your budget? I’m linking up with Franish’s Budgeting Bloggers, and you should too!

  • Aren’t those vintage Coach bags the best?!


  • I like the way you managed your birthday – everything’s functional, but a little special!

  • Those Sam & Libby sandals are an EXACT dupe of the Sam Edelman ones for like….such a fraction of the price (whoops, I can’t math). Such a good find — especially for $0 for you! I love those Loft embroidered shorts so much, as well as the Sole Society block heels!

    xo nicole

  • irinadriga

    I love both pairs of shoes. Great finds

  • Wow, those Sam & Libby sandals look exactly like the Sam Edelman Trina (which I own and like)! I’m a big fan of vintage Coach bags too. The quality is so much better than modern Coach stuff.

    • I was about to comment the sam thing about the S&L shoes! I’m going to have to go try them on!

  • I was OBSESSED with that pom pom tank from ON and I tried it on and it just weirdly gapped at the armpit for me. I was so sad! Looove those suede sandals. Block heels are my jam.