What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 143 – Maybe, Maxi

What I Wish I Wore, Vol. 144 - Easy, Breezy | Style On Target blog

I’ve never been a big maxi skirt lover. I’m chronically clumsy, so I think part of my fear is just having all that extra fabric hanging down by my feet will cause me to increase my trip-and-fall risk by 1000%…and it’s high already, folks!

Is that a irrational or rational fear? Attack of the maxi skirt? Someone let me know.

But this navy pleated maxi skirt from Uniqlo? Gorgeous and a bit more sophisticated than your basic jersey maxi skirt. And also the perfect compliment to this yellow/navy floral print blouse and these cooler-than-cool huarache heeled sandals. So maybe worth the risk?


  • Karen

    I love this outfit! I’ve been looking for a neutral pleated petite maxi skirt for ages.