Gold Medal Style

Olympic gold medal style | Style On Target

I procrastinated all weekend on writing my second Wednesday post (aka this one)…mainly because I was pretending that I was a interior decorator (but seriously, I am in love with my new lamp – here), but also because I was watching non-stop Olympic coverage.

Sidenote: Anyone else looooove the swimming and gymnastics events? That’s mostly what I’m there for, but also the biking and the diving and the Opening Ceremony outfits (but seriously, America’s outfits were fantastic)!

Since I’m enjoying theĀ GamesĀ so much and athleisure continues to be a trend (one that I have a love/hate relationship with), I thought it might be fun and unique to showcase some gold medal style in honor of the Olympics! There’s 24 pieces below that provide something for everyone: American colors, denim pieces, casual shoes, Olympic-themed tees (thanks Old Navy), and athletic wear.

Click on your favorites, and let’s go for the gold medal style! And go Team USA!

  • Yes! I was up waaaaaay too late last night to watch the gymnastics finals (even though I already knew how it ended…). Darn NBC waiting until 11:55 to show the end!!