J.Crew Factory Fall Finds

J.Crew Factory fall finds 2016; Style On Target

So J.Crew Factory came out with their latest fall fashions last week…and I lost my mind.

Like lost it, lost it. This blog will now be nothing but jibberish letters put together. (Insert your favorite joke here about how that’s no different than any other daily post here ;))

I wanted EVERYTHING, literally everything*.

Everything matches my closet color palette (navy, red, touches of yellow, and neutrals), and everything is in my favorite patterns/fabrics. Everything is super cohesive, and I can envision mixing and matching for days!

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the blazers (the blazers, folks!).

So after more than enough gushing from me (but serious kudos to the J.Crew Factor design team), let’s go ahead and show the 24 items that I’m lusting over this fall from J.Crew Factory, and you can decide whether I was justified in losing my mind (and my wallet) to these beauties!

*Okay minus, their shorter-than-short mini skirts. Dear J.Crew Factory, make those a touch longer, please. Love, me.

  • Sarah H.

    Yes yes yes to the windowpane flats. I may already have windowpane flats, but can one ever have enough windowpane flats? I think not. Also, I assume your August budget post will basically look identical to this, right? ;)

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  • Good choices. I was at one of the stores this past weekend and bought the leopard print sweater and gingham print cardi.


  • Savvy Southern Chic

    Yes I’ll be stalking the site for sales.